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Improving B2B eCommerce Product Pages 

Features and information that B2B buyers expect to see on your site’s product pages

B2B buyers are tasked with doing a large amount of tedious research every time their company is looking to buy a new product. They read reviews, talk to colleagues, look at research papers, and do countless internet searches. So when they finally land on your product pages, you need to make sure that their research wasn’t all for naught. Your product pages need to be interesting and informative. Below are some of the key features that B2B buyers want to see on your B2B eCommerce site’s product pages.

360 Degree Product Imaging

One of the more important elements of your product pages are the images of your product. You need to supply visitors with multiple images of your products that allow them to see the products from every angle. You could also choose to do a 360 degree photo of your product which allows customers to turn the product around all from one image. The product images should be high resolution and easy to zoom in on for a closer look.

ProductsThorough Product Descriptions 

One of the first items B2B buyers will view after the images is the product description. It needs to be easy to read and scan but also thorough. Using a bulleted list instead of paragraphs helps relay the important information without getting too lengthy. The product description should include features and specifications as well as potential benefits, which will help interest buyers and tell them exactly how your product can help their business.

Educational and Instructional Videos

According to the 2014 B2B Path to Purchase Study by Google and Milward Brown Digital, seventy percent of B2B buyers watch videos when researching potential purchases. Including videos that help detail the features of the product on your product pages gives buyers interest content to look at that may be easier to understand and digest than just plain text.

PricingCustomer Specific Pricing 

Your product pages also need to be able to show each customers’ specific pricing when they are logged in. The page needs to show what their price is for the product instead of showing your general wholesale price or instructing them to contact a salesperson. Showing customers the price on the product page instead of making them go through the motions of adding it to their cart just to see the price saves them a great deal of time and frustration.

Reviews and Testimonials 

Another great element to include on your product pages are reviews and testimonials from your other customers. B2B buyers like to see what their counterparts at other businesses think of your products and your service. Including the reviews on your pages shows that you are proud of the products you offer and are confident in their quality. Having reviews also saves buyers from having leave your website and go search for that information on their own.

Clarity Can Help 

For nearly a decade, Clarity has been helping B2B eCommerce businesses create and improve their product pages and catalogs. Our team of expert developers and marketers has developed and fine tuned numerous clients’ product pages and catalogs to be more SEO friendly and lead to conversions. To get more information about what B2B buyers expect from your eCommerce website or to speak with an expert about improving your site’s product pages, call or click to contact us today!