Creating Trust Through Videos on Your Website

Videos to Website

Face it, we live in a YouTube and Google world. Google has conditioned users that they can find anything they want in 3 seconds. No more researching for them! The same holds true for reading. Studies show that users would rather watch multiple 2-3 minute videos than read documentation to learn how to do something. Beyond that, seeing is believing. They want to see a product in action, see someone holding it, using it, working with it and see it perform. You want to engage your users? Push videos to your website. Let Clarity help you integrate a search-friendly customized video gallery on your website!


Custom Video Resource Gallery

Provance specializes in Systems Management software for the IT staff to manage IT assets, both hardware and software. Software patches, ITIL and ITAM help desk solutions, software license compliance management and more, they got a solution to help manage your resources. As part of their excellent customer service, they've created an ITAM University, which Clarity built as part of the new website we built for them, they serves up self-service videos, white papers and other resources for their clients. Clarity built and customized a video gallery where they could add new product videos, how-to instructional videos and recorded webinars given by their team. (Clarity client)

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LDR | Zimmer Biomet

Custom-styled Footer with CEO Video Message

LSR Medical is a global innovator in Cervical and Spinal devices. Founded in France, they've grown to hold many patents and Government approval for surgical implantation of their devices in many countries around the world. The link below takes you to the Real Experiences testimonials video gallery. They've got video testimonials from patients who've been given the product, surgeons who have used the product and from the LDR team talking about the product and its benefits. There's also a mirrored mobile site for the surgeons who view the site on their tablets. (Clarity client)

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Custom Expandable Video Gallery

NexThink developers and sells network productivity monitoring software. With state-of-art and very unique software, NexThink decided that it was better to demo the software via video than through just text and graphics. Based in Switzerland and the US, NexThink decided that Vimeo was the hosting solution. Clarity helped build them a custom video gallery that would allow them to easily add and remove videos from the site. (Clarity client)

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Stelladaur Academy

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The Stelladaur Academy is a secondary education provider that specializes in forming and growing the creative and character of their students. With a them much like Harry Potter's Hogworts, the Stelladaur Academy has written their own unique curriculum that reads like a novel from the series. Each chapter of the curriculum focuses on teaching and molding a new character trait. Aside from designing and building the website, Clarity built in serving up the curriculum along with all classroom and awards registrations. (Clarity client)

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LDR Medical

Localized Multi-lingual Video Integration

LDR Spine develops spine and cervical disc replacement devices for surgeons. As different products they've produced are approved for use in many different countries, Clarity built them seven websites in five languages to help educate the medical community on their technology. Along with PDF flipbooks, white papers and images, Clarity integrated Vimeo hosted videos for each of the approved devices, making it simple and quick for any surgeon, anywhere in the world to view and evaluate the device in practice. Click on 'Animation' to watch the video. (Clarity client)

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Youtube-hosted Streaming Videos

InduSoft produces bleeding-edge SCADA testing software that accesses information stored on testing measurement equipment. InduSoft software can convert a PC, browser, and cell phones into industrial testing and automation measurement devices. When Clarity designed and built their website, Indusoft had a number of demo videos that they wanted to stream and host on YouTube. Clarity worked with them to provide a custom module to display their demo videos cleanly and stream them from their website. (Clarity client)

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Texas Dental Association

Video Testimonials Gallery

The Texas Dental Association (TDA), chartered in 1871, is the third largest state dental association in the United States. Currently, the Association has more than 7,700 members and is comprised of 26 component dental societies grouped into four divisions across the state of Texas. When it came time to revamp their website, they chose Clarity. Clarity is not only building them a beautiful responsive web design, but building a highly technology-driven backend to support this large organization. There's also a custom 'Find a Dentist' function where you can search specialties with X miles of your home - click to view (Clarity client)

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Avatar Systems

Embedded Local Hosted Video Integration

Avatar builds and sells very popular software solution that provide the management of oil and gas accounting, land, production, document imaging, and other uses. While Clarity didn't build their website, they came to us to build them a custom video streaming module that would allow them to host and stream videos from their website. Clarity built and customized a player that would work across the many browsers and versions and implemented their videos on their site. (Clarity client)

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