Business to Consumer Enterprise eCommerce Platform Integrations


Business to Consumer organizations utilize Clarity to run their eCommerceEnterprise eCommerce platforms are a proven critical component for driving process automation and increasing market share. Business to consumer organizations from all sizes, whether they're family run or large enterprises, can take advantage of Clarity's enterprise eCommerce tools to grow market share. Clarity's market research department performs deep analysis of the market's eCommerce platforms and available solutions. Our experts have culled the list of enterprise eCommerce solutions down to a select list of vendors. In this article we'll highlight the top Business to Consumer (B2C) friendly eCommerce evaluation criteria.

Evaluation Criteria

    Clarity Middleware is an evaluation featureIntegration Middle Ware - Secure and seamless internal data sources are integral for organizations. SSL and authentication secured data exchanged between the external web and mobile presence to the internal presence can make your organization run more efficiently.

    Features are an evaluation criteria to select solutionsFeatures and Completeness - Features can make or break your solution. Organizations need a full set of "off the shelf" or "turn-key" features so that customization for the B2C business isn't costly or time consuming..

    Inbound Marketing, SEO considerations, Reporting and Analytics/Business Intelligence - A complete solution that encompasses all inbound marketing, SEO, and business reporting is essential to keeping your business ahead of the curve. The stronger the solution, the less need for 3rd party and additional integrated tools.    

    Clarity Security is an evaluation criteria for ERP eCommerce solutionsSecurity & Compliance, Performance and Validation - An established platform is well-vetted to protect all your security needs. Security, performance, and common data validation confirm the level of fullness for each of these items.;

    b2c ecommerce platform customization and development | ClarityCustomization- While it can be expensive too many tools that aren't included out of the box, every business to consumer enterprise ecommerce platform has unique needs that must be catered to for maximum effectiveness.