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eCommerce Analytic Tools Help Email Marketing Efforts

Email marketing and eCommerce integration helps aids your email campaigns

Email marketingEmail marketing can really help your eCommerce business raise revenue, but it can make an even bigger impact if you have an excellent eCommerce platform that can be used to aid your email marketing campaigns. The right eCommerce platform will include robust analytics tools that will enable you to personalize email messages and improve your business’s email marketing performance. 

According to a study by Experian, personalized marketing emails have an open rate that is 29% higher than non-personalized emails and a click-through rate that is 41% higher. By integrating your eCommerce platform that houses your customer information and data with your email marketing software, you will be able to better personalize your messages and spark your customers’ interests.

Personalizing Your Emails

Your eCommerce site analytics give you insight into your customers’ interests and likes as well as their buying behaviors. Analytics can show you where your customers are located, what pages and products they are looking at on your site, keywords that they are searching for, and how much time they are spending on your site, as well as many other useful pieces of information. This information can then be used to craft personalized emails that are more likely to be read. For example, if they spent a long amount of time on a particular product page but didn’t buy, you can send them a follow up email reminding them of the item and suggesting items that are similar that they may be interested in.

Timing emailsDetermine the Right Time to Send

Another way to use your eCommerce site analytics to aid your email marketing campaign is to figure out which days and times are best to send out your emails. By studying your customers’ behaviors, when they access your site, and when they check and read the emails that your eCommerce business sends, you will be able to deduce the optimal days and times to send your marketing emails.

Cart Abandonment Emails

An integration between your eCommerce platform and email marketing software can also help automate your cart abandonment recovery emails. Sending emails reminding customers of the products that are still in their shopping cart has been proven to bring customers back to complete their purchases. Setting up multiple recovery emails to send over a period of time and including the direct link to their carts in the email messages can help persuade customers to revisit your site and buy the items left in the shopping carts.

After Purchase Marketing

Your eCommerce analytics and email marketing integration can also be used to send thank you and recommendation emails after a customer makes a purchase. Data from your eCommerce site can suggest other items that they might be interested in based on their recent purchase. You can also use the data to recommend items that other customers bought with the item that they just purchased. You might even request that the customer submit a review of the item they purchased, and include a discount code at completion as incentive to do so. The reward makes the customer feel appreciated, and reviews will provide important social proof needed to increase sales on your site.

Clarity Can Help

At Clarity, we know how beneficial email marketing can be for an eCommerce business. Selecting an eCommerce platform with BI and analytics helps you personalize your emails and achieve better results. Clarity eCommerce, our eCommerce platform, is equipped with robust analytics tools that can be easily integrated with your email marketing software, allowing for analytics to be easily shared and used to help improve and personalize marketing emails. To find out more about Clarity eCommerce and its analytic tools, call or click to contact us today!