How Integrating CRM and eCommerce Can Help Your Business

CRM and eCommerce Go Hand in Hand

Increase the power of your eCommerce by integrating CRM

CRM, or customer relationship management, keeps track of your business’s eCommerce interactions and stores data for future use. Integrating a CRM system with your eCommerce platform can streamline the eCommerce experience on both ends of a transaction. On the same hand, using your eCommerce platform to feed information into your CRM software, you can easily turn CRM into a powerful tool that fits into the unique workflow of your enterprise.

Know Your Customercustomer

With a CRM system, you can easily anticipate the desires of any customer who visits your website. By keeping track of a specific customer’s data, from their customer support interactions to their purchase history, a CRM allows a business to provide a personalized experience in real time for any client who uses their website. International customers, for instance, can be immediately shown options that ease the complications of international eCommerce. CRM systems save time and effort for you and your client by keeping your information about them organized and on hand. This particularly enhances repeat purchases, aids in diagnosing common issues with or questions about a product, and increases loyalty in returning customers. With CRM, you can truly take care of your customers.

targeted marketingCapitalize on Knowledge

By showing you how customers behave on your website, a CRM system illuminates the best marketing strategies for your business to reel in a particular customer. With sales-force automation options, you can access the purchase history of a returning customer or patterns related to new customers in order to provide specialized marketing and promotions for each unique visitor to your website. This strategy ensures that your business does not waste time showing customers promotions they would not be interested in, and that you can target customers who are sure to be interested in a particular product or service. As a result, the likelihood of making a sale drastically increases.

Look Aheadtrends

Data collected through CRM systems is invaluable when analyzed over time. Using statistical analysis available with CRM software, the sales history recorded through your eCommerce platform can yield sales projections. Like having a road map of where you’ve been and where you are forecasted to go, your business can use these trends to predict the future needs of your business and seamlessly meet those needs. With your CRM, you can decrease the likelihood of unexpectedly running out of stock of an item or being overwhelmed by a seasonal increase in sales. You can also pinpoint areas where changes can be made to improve your overall business practices and increase profits.

Stay Unique

Every company can utilize CRMs in different ways to produce the most effective results. B2B companies tend to have different CRM needs than B2C companies, just as small businesses have different CRM needs from larger ones. Whether you choose an out-of-the-box CRM system, such as Zoho or Salesforce, or opt to completely customize your CRM through Clarity, your eCommerce can be sculpted to fit perfectly with your system of choice and give your business the extra edge.

Clarity Can Help

Clarity's highly trained developers are equipped to complete CRM-eCommerce integrations to help you maximize your business. To build an eCommerce platform with the CRM system that is right for you, or if you need assistance with implementing CRM tools, contact us for a free quote today!