Shopping Cart and Direct-to-Consumer Selling for eCommerce


Many manufacturers have thought about or are currently selling to their purchasers, but only a few have mastered the other side of the market: Direct to Consumer. For the majority of B2B sellers, there is opportunity in opening up the channels that you sell through, such as a Distribution eCommerce Platform.


The manufacturers that have started selling direct to their consumers have generated an annual growth rate of over 15% which makes them the fastest growing merchant category on the internet

In fact, the manufacturers in eCommerce that have started selling direct to their consumers have generated an annual growth rate of over 15% which makes them the fastest growing merchant category on the internet. Obviously, this indicates huge opportunity for newcomers to take advantage of this growing market.

But Why Direct-to-Consumer?

First off, no distributor will be able to provide the level of personalization or customization that you will when selling your own products. When you control vertical integration, you have all of the power. The ability to control a user's experience from product discovery all the way to purchase time is invaluable, and you can also cross-sell and up-sell your other products (making it easy to increase revenue per-visit and per-checkout).

Integrate B2B/B2C eCommerce, Online Order Management and CRM

Channel conflict, order inaccuracy, unhappy customers are all symptoms of an unorganized eCommerce system. The only requirement for solving these problems is a shopping cart that has the features to get in front of these issues and solve them before they even occur. Read below to learn how Clarity can address these areas with a Distribution eCommerce Solution:

b2b and b2c ecommerce for manufacturersB2B/B2C eCommerce

When selling your products online, you may need to satisfy multiple channels including both selling to your business clients as well as direct-to-consumer. This can be difficult if it's not organized correctly. That is why Clarity Manufacturing Custom eCommerce includes multi-store and channel management functionality. Your customers of all kinds will be able to have a customized and improved experience.

online order management manufacturing ecommerceOnline Order Management

Robust order management for eCommerce has become a requirement of advanced shopping cart systems. The consolidation of data as your store scales up is critical, and of course, having that data consistent across platforms is also critical. Clarity eCommerce will both manage orders either on your site or on an ERP, and it will push that data to all platforms required by your business processes.

ecommerce crm management manufacturersCustomer Relationship Management

The right CRM is extremely important in order to keep up with account history, order information, marketing drip campaigns, and more. Even if you find a CRM that provides a lot of value for your business, without integration to your eCommerce store you're going to miss a lot of the upside available to you. Clarity eCommerce takes full advantage of our suite, Clarity Connect, to integrate to virtually any CRM/ERP.

Going direct-to-consumer is hard. From a merchandising, marketing, order settlement and fulfillment, and customer service perspective, a D2C model is a major strategic undertaking. But with Clarity eCommerce, we can make it easier. Check out our eCommerce information in order to learn more.

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