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mobile development overviewAs companies adapt to the changing times, mobile development will become an important part of your overall business strategy. This five-article series will cover the major considerations of mobile development, including responsive design, native application development, and new mobile development tools like PhoneGap and Monocode.

When Should Your Company Go Mobile?

In short, your company should go mobile as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter who you are; many of your customers are likely visiting you (or trying to) from a mobile device. The main thing to consider is the cost of development time; it can be expensive to take your website mobile, particularly if you run a feature-rich or eCommerce website. If your budget is small, consider cheaper alternatives to a full-fledged mobile overhaul, like developing a mobile app or mobile-optimizing important pages.

The Latest Statistics on Mobile Development

It is estimated that mobile payments will quadruple by the year 2014, bringing sales revenue via mobile devices to $630 billion.

If you’re not convinced that your business should go mobile, then it’s time to review the latest statistics. Here are some powerful statistics concerning mobile phone use in 2012: 

  • Over half of all mobile device users performed product research on their phone while inside the store 
  • About a third of mobile device users have used their phone within the past 30 days to look up product reviews, prices, and more. 
  • It is estimated that mobile payments will quadruple by the year 2014, bringing sales revenue via mobile devices to $630 billion. 
  • Global internet usage will double by 2015. Most of the increase will be mobile. 
  • 64% of all mobile time is spent on apps. 
  • 61% of people who visit a website that isn’t mobile-friendly will go to the competitor’s site instead.

Mobile eCommerce Development Solutions in Austin, TX

If you’re ready to convert more customers and take the mobile eCommerce development plunge, Clarity can help. Our mobile eCommerce developers can walk you through design considerations, best practices, and the best options for your budget and target market. Read our other articles in the series for a more in-depth overview of mobile eCommerce development, or contact a Clarity representative today.