Microsoft Dynamics ERP Customization and Shipping Platform

If you use the MS Dynamics ERP system, you may be considering customizing it. ERP customization is not for everyone, particularly if you have relatively simple tasks that you need your ERP system to perform. However, many businesses and organizations benefit greatly from customizing their MS Dynamics ERP system to meet their needs. This article will take you through an overview of MS Dynamics ERP customization and present you with an instance of how one Clarity client used ERP customization for shipping and processing.

An Overview of MS Dynamics ERP Customization

MS Dynamics ERP customization, unlike other ERP system customizations, is well-suited for the customization process. This means the tools Microsoft provides for customization are simple and straightforward, and can easily be upgraded whenever necessary. For your business, this translates to less development time, which, in turn, is less costly. An ERP integration consultant can talk to you about whether customization is right for you; if you can find ways that it will further improve processes and cut down on wasted time, then is worth the investment.

MS Dynamics for Shipments and Processing

We are confident we can provide the right customization solution to meet your shipping integration and other needs.

One of Clarity’s clients, Newton Group, uses ERP customization to meet their shipping and processing needs. Newton Group has specific shipping terms, so Clarity enabled an updating schema within the ERP system that would take Newton Group’s unique business model into account. The client website then updates all of the orders on their website to their ERP system once an hour, with a custom exception at the end of the day – a high-traffic time – when the ERP system is updated every 15 minutes. Because Clarity set up this integration, we have complete control over which data the Newton Group wants to pass back and forth, and they can create accounts dynamically based on new orders and shipping requests.

MS Dynamics and Shipping Integration in Austin, TX

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, the Clarity team’s experience level with Microsoft products is high. We are confident we can provide the right customization solution to meet your shipping integration and other needs. Speak to a representative today to learn more.

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