Plex Online ERP vs. NetSuite ERP

Which ERP Works Best for Your Business?

A look at the pros and cons of two of the most popular Enterprise Resource Planning options available

cloud based softwareNetSuite and Plex are two of the most common Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software as a service (SaaS) programs available. Plex and Netsuite are both cloud based which means the information that is stored can be accessed from almost anywhere on almost anything, including mobile devices. It also means that their storage capacities are endless. They both can be used for businesses of any size, from small to large. While Plex and NetSuite are both good ERP solutions, they have key differences that can make one of them more suitable for your business than the other.

 Plex Online Plex


Plex’s main focus is manufacturing businesses across most industries. Plex ERP Online was built to help companies run their manufacturing operations. Plex contains eight different features including modules for accounting, supply chain management, and human resources. It claims to center on and put the plant floor first. Plex Online ERP helps give manufacturers a complete overview of their entire manufacturing processes and enables them to increase efficiency. However, since Plex is made specifically for manufacturing businesses, it is little help to any other types of businesses.

 NetSuite NetSuite


NetSuite is the most popular cloud ERP software in the world. While Plex focuses on manufacturing businesses, NetSuite works for almost any business looking for an all inclusive solution for managing its resources. NetSuite contains seventeen different features, more than twice as many as Plex. Some of the features included, that Plex doesn’t have, are ones for multi-currency, sales reports, and customer service. Since NetSuite is more complex than Plex, it can take more time to learn how to use it, and often it's recommended to enlist the help of a NetSuite Consultant. Also, NetSuite ERP can be integrated with other NetSuite tools, such as NetSuite CRM.

 NetSuite or Plex: Which ERP should you choose?


NetSuite and Plex are two very useful ERP solutions that can help business. NetSuite offers more features than Plex, so if your company needs those extra features, then you may lean towards NetSuite. However, if your company is simpler and doesn’t need those extra frills, software that is more uncomplicated and straightforward like Plex may be right for your business. When choosing which ERP to use, the most important deciding factor is your business. If your company just does manufacturing, than Plex is probably your best choice. However, if your company handles a variety of tasks that can be very complex, NetSuite is most likely going to be the best option for you.

 Clarity Can Help


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