Salesforce eCommerce Integration

Integrating eCommerce with Salesforce 

May the force be with you: An integration that aids your customer service and sales teams

An integration between Salesforce CRM and your eCommerce enables you to improve your customer service and have greater insights about clients.


Salesforce is the worldwide leader in CRM software. Salesforce enables businesses to keep track of and better serve their clients and customers. 

Salesforce is the most widely used and well known customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for businesses of all sizes, and for good reason. It helps your business find high-quality leads, automate sales and marketing processes, and analyze your business to make smarter decisions.

Integrating eCommerce with Salesforce

  • Employ REST API- Clarity uses the REST API when integrating Salesforce and eCommerce to enable the systems to transfer data. 

  • Use Clarity Connect- Our middleware solution helps connect Salesforce to eCommerce, serving as a communication center between the two technologies and fully ensuring that all data is properly sent and received.

  • Utilize SSL- When Clarity does an integration, we arrange for data transmissions to happen over SSL to keep your data secure. 

  • Automate Data Transmissions- Integration allows you to automate transfers of data, saving your employees’ time for more productive tasks. 

  • Update Information in One Place- With an integration, you can manually update data in one software and it is automatically transferred and update in the other. 

  • Build a Bigger and More Accurate Picture of Your Customers- Integration enables you to transfer customer data from eCommerce to Salesforce, giving you a greater understanding of your customer base. 

  • Empower Customer Service and Sales Teams- Integrating Salesforce and eCommerce gives your teams more information about your customers, helping your teams better serve them. 

Salesforce and eCommerce integrationWhen performing an integration between Salesforce and your eCommerce platform, Clarity uses REST API and our middleware solution, Clarity Connect. Both technologies help your systems communicate and transmit information. Clarity Connect serves as a communication hub and uses a queuing model. Clarity Connect receives the information from the system sending it and stores it until it is successfully received by the other systems. 

Integrating your Salesforce software with your eCommerce platform can benefit your business in many ways. Having automated data transfers saves your employees from having to manually rekey information, saving them time and allowing them to do more productive work. An integration also allows you to have the most insight about your customers’ actions and your business’s interactions with them. This information can help you make more informed decisions about how to handle leads and your customers’ needs and wants.

Why Clarity

Know How

Our expert team of developers at Clarity has performed numerous Salesforce and eCommerce integrations, customizing them to work just right for our clients. 


Clarity’s developers have decades of combined experience developing and implementing business solutions for our clientele. 


At Clarity, we understand how vital robust and progressive technology is, which is why we have developed our own. Clarity eCommerce, Clarity’s shopping cart solution, is highly flexible and extensible, allowing us to adjust it to meet your needs. Clarity eConnect, our middleware solution, is able to connect virtually any software, even those not developed yet, with another platform or software. Clarity didn’t just focus on the present when developing technology, we looked to the future. 

Solutions to Fit Your Needs 

Your business is anything but cookie cutter, so why should your integration be? Clarity specializes in creating custom solutions for our clients that fit their own unique needs. We make sure that your integration or software implementation is tailored to meet your business needs. 

To find out more about how Clarity can help you successfully integrate your Salesforce CRM with your eCommerce platform, call or click to contact us today!


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