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salesforce shopping cart ecommerce solutionFor more than 10 years Clarity has been successfully implementing, customizing, and integrating eCommerce websites for businesses that use Salesforce. As your technology partners, we have intimate knowledge of how your business can use eCommerce to be successful online. The beauty of a Salesforce eCommerce integration is that it can bring all of the customer activity that a sales rep normally isn't aware of, into Salesforce as contact activity records. This means that reps could create a custom view of all customers that haven't logged in, within the last 90 days and call it "Accounts at Risk," and within seconds have the ability to know who they need to call today. Additional activities, such as which products are being viewed but not purchased, which collateral is being read and downloaded, what is each users' login activity and much more. This information is normally difficult to collect, and if occasionally the IT staff has added new tools to the website, those analytics are not cleanly associated with the contact record in Salesforce where the reps need it. All of that can change with a simple Clarity eCommerce and Salesforce solution. To learn more, visit the Salesforce eCommerce Integration Resource Center.

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Client Testimonial

dnn client testimonial

"It doesn't matter what time of day, weekend, whatever it might be. They're there. We've been very impressed. With Clarity, it's very rare that we have a post-release bug. If we were to have a post-release bug, oftentimes, those bugs are resolved within about five to six hours."

- Haden Reid, MSB Connect


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Whether your company is looking for a website, eCommerce, complex integrations, or marketing, Clarity has you covered. Located in the beautiful hills of west Austin, Texas, we are perfectly situated to take advantage of the immense talent pool that defines this thriving technical sector.

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