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seo for product categories

Product catalog development is one of the most important components of your eCommerce website development plan: it’s the place where you can show off and really “sell” your products with clean, compelling content. But how do you make sure the SEO for your product catalog is effective? Follow the tips below from our eCommerce SEO experts as you design your product catalog.

SEO and Product Categories

SEO for your product category page consists primarily of writing clean, simple URLs; unique introductory content; photos with SEO-friendly alt text; and appropriate cross-linking to other pages. One of the difficulties of implementing the right SEO for product categories is that each product category contains multiple similar products. This is why unique introductory content is so important; even if products are similar, find (and describe) the differences.

Product Tags for SEO

Similar to tagging a blog or photographs on a website, product tagging can not only help your SEO; it can also help customers find the products they desire.

Similar to tagging a blog or photograph on a website, product tagging can not only help your SEO optimization; it can also help customers find the products they desire. Tags act as a rudimentary filter, helping your customers sort by style, color, or other qualities. You can also allow your customers to suggest their own product tags. They may come up with keyword suggestions that lead into insights about the way your customers think.

SEO and Product Detail

As already mentioned, the key thing to keep in mind when writing product detail is to make sure the content for each product is unique. Additionally, long-tail keywords are better to use in product SEO than short-tail keywords; you’ll most likely want to use short-tail keywords to direct customers to your main pages. And above all, well-written and interesting content does far more to sell a product than simple SEO. If you have further questions about professional SEO services for your product catalog, contact a Clarity representative today.

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