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Clarity Reaches Capterra’s Top eCommerce List

How Clarity compares to other eCommerce software in Capterra’s eCommerce Software List

eCommerce platformSelecting the eCommerce platform that your online business will be using is one of the most daunting tasks that any eCommerce business faces. Being able to get advice and reviews from a trustworthy, unbiased and knowledgeable source helps make the decision both easier and clearer, helping you be much more confident in your final choice. The web service Capterra can be that resource for your business. A few times a year, Capterra releases and updates lists of the top business software. Capterra’s Top eCommerce Software List is comprised of the twenty most popular eCommerce software according to its measurements, which include number of customers and amount of sales that are processed through the software.

What is Capterra?

Capterra is a free online resource meant to help businesses find the right software to fit their business needs. It has tools that enable the user to do side by side comparisons of software features as well as user reviews and buying guides. Capterra's full Top eCommerce Software list is shared at the bottom of this post. 

Clarity VenturesClarity eCommerce

Clarity’s eCommerce platform, Clarity eCommerce, is one of the eCommerce platforms ranked on Capterra’s Top eCommerce Software List. While Clarity eCommerce is not the highest ranked platform, that is in large part based on things like the number of existing implementations, sales processed, and social media followers. When it comes to features and capabilities, Clarity eCommerce is second to none. It is designed with a specific type of client in mind, so it lacks somewhat in broad appeal. However, in the customized B2B eCommerce space, Clarity eCommerce stands apart from the competition. Clarity eCommerce was created in house by our developers after the need for an eCommerce platform without limitations became clear. With marketing tools, customization abilities, business intelligence software, and scalable code framework, Clarity eCommerce is a viable eCommerce solution for almost any eCommerce business.

B2B and Enterprise Ready

While many software on Capterra’s list was created to mainly work for B2C online companies, Clarity eCommerce was built to work for a variety of different eCommerce businesses, especially enterprise and B2B. Clarity eCommerce includes capabilities for shipping, ERP, CRM, and business application integrations. It also easily handles customer specific pricing and can help with invoice billing. It is an on-premise deployment, which means that the code for your platform is unique and belongs to you. It can be updated and customized to add new features or accommodate changes in workflow. It represents a long-term solution and an investment in the future. Direct comparison with other platforms is difficult, as Clarity does not intend to compete with many of them, especially the SaaS platforms that are not designed for flexibility, but instead for a quick and cheap implementation. 


Unlike most other software on Capterra’s list that are straight SaaS, Clarity eCommerce is deployed on premise which gives it greater scalability. Clarity eCommerce’s code framework is also scalable and allows you to easily add more options or functions as you need to. Since the functions are added on as an extra module, you won’t have to risk breaking the base code.


Another area where Clarity eCommerce shines is customization. Our eCommerce platform enables businesses to tailor the platform to work with their business processes. Clarity eCommerce has a highly extensible code base which allows for total customization. Custom modules can be easily developed and added to the base code. The open source ASP.NET framework Clarity eCommerce uses makes it possible to customize Clarity eCommerce to suit your business’s needs.

Clarity Can Help

At Clarity, we understand how vital it is to select the right eCommerce software for your online business. Our team of experts has helped many businesses decide what eCommerce platform would best fulfill their business needs. Whether it be Clarity eCommerce or another excellent eCommerce platform, our team of developers at Clarity are here to help you and your business implement and get the most out of your eCommerce platform. To find out more about how Clarity eCommerce can benefit your business or to schedule a consultation with one of our experts, call or click to contact us today!


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