Omni-Channel, Multi-Tenant, & Affiliate Models of eCommerce

Affiliate, Multi-Tenant & Omni-Channel eCommerce Definitions

How multi-tenant, omni-channel and affiliate models can be creative ways to handle eCommerce

eCommerce modelsOmni-channel, multi-tenant, and affiliate eCommerce are three models of eCommerce that are somewhat unique. Each gives a fresh idea on how to handle and make eCommerce businesses successful. While one focuses on improving customer experience, another helps cut development costs, and the third helps attract new customers while cutting marketing expenses. When used for the right business, the omni-channel, affiliate, or multi-tenant eCommerce models can bring a fresh spin to eCommerce. In this article we take a closer look at what each of them mean and how they can hinder or help your eCommerce business.

Omni-Channel eCommerce

Omni-Channel eCommerce is one of the newer trends and buzzwords when it comes selling and buying online. The idea behind omni-channel is that all of a customer’s interaction with a business should be viewed and felt as one experience. Your different channels, i.e. mobile, online and in-person, should all work together to create a single fluent experience for your customer. One of the difficulties of implementing omni-channel eCommerce is making the experience as seamless as possible. Having your CRM software integrated with your eCommerce site helps make a fluent shopping experience possible. No matter if your customer is on your website or talking with a salesperson, the same exact up-to-date information is available to help make their shopping experience seamless, easy, and positive.

multi-tenant eCommerceMulti-Tenant eCommerce

Multi-tenant eCommerce is a situation where multiple users, tenants, are using the same software or website to sell their products. The eCommerce site becomes a sort of marketplace where the sellers have their own online stores to sell their goods. Each of the tenants is able to customize their part of the eCommerce site by editing their product catalog and running their own promotions, to name a few. Multi-tenant eCommerce can give smaller eCommerce companies a chance to use full scale eCommerce solutions because the cost is shared with other small businesses.

Affiliate eCommerce

The affiliate eCommerce model is an arrangement where an eCommerce business pays affiliates to post advertisements on their blogs or websites to bring customers to the business’s eCommerce site. The affiliates are then paid a fee based on the clicks, leads, or sales that they bring to the eCommerce site. Launching an affiliation program can be a great marketing move because you only have to pay the affiliates for results, not efforts. One of the difficulties is finding the right affiliate that can bring promising traffic to your eCommerce site. When you do find good affiliates though, you know that your marketing budget is spent on advertising affiliates that are able to deliver.

Clarity Can Help

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