november article roundup
At Clarity, we write a lot of articles every month. We can't help it - there's too much information to share with you! Given the volume of new material every month, we thought it would be helpful to start a regular feature on our blog that highlights a few of our favorite articles.

Here's a sample from November that we hope you'll find helpful:

  • Have you ever wondered how many types of B2B websites there are? Wonder no more! This article provides a concise overview of the major players in the B2B world, and the special considerations that are geared toward each type of company. 
  • Are you an e-procurement site? Then you'll want to read our overview of e-procurement site integration, which covers the benefits, security considerations, and deployment methods of this popular form of integration.
  • We're so excited about Dynamics GP 2013 that we have a whole series devoted to it. Read an introduction to Dynamics GP 2013, learn about some of the new features, or plan ahead for some licensing changes that may affect your company if you already use MS Dynamics. 
  • If you're a nonprofit website, then you'll want to seriously consider integrating an automated process for grants management. Here's why
  • Our five-article series about API integration discusses some of the most popular APIs on the market - most of which are free. APIs are a simple and cost-effective way to give your website the same functionality as some of the biggest players in the industry. For example, check out our search API integration article, which explains what a search API can do to help your business. 
  • Multichannel marketing is the best and most comprehensive marketing strategy your business can adopt. Learn how to measure your multichannel marketing campaign in this article. 
  • Don't know what load testing is or why you need it? You can learn all about it in our article on load testing for websites
If you still need help, don't be shy about browsing the rest of the articles section. There's something there for everyone - and if there's not, we'll write it for you.  


Meg Nanson works on Clarity's marketing team. Her strengths are in copywriting, relationship-building, SEO, and strategic thinking. She loves infusing personality into brands by adapting her writing style to match the needs and philosophy of her audience. She rarely sits in a chair and can often be found sitting on her office floor or lying on the lobby couch while she works, or standing behind one of the web developers while they're trying to work. 

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