What’s the most important thing to have in order for your eCommerce business to succeed? You might say “a quality product”. You’re only half-right. Equally important (if not more so) is that you have vital systems in place for your business. Without a system, your business will fail. According to E-Myth (as established by Michael Gerber in his 1986 book The E-Myth), having internal systems in place to control processes and ensure you achieve predictable results is absolutely essential. Clarity Ventures can help you build those systems that you need.

The Importance of Systems to eCommerce

You might be wondering just how “internal systems” can apply to eCommerce. After all, it’s a pretty simple scenario: Customer A visits your eCommerce website. Customer A purchases a product from your website. Depending on your specific set up, Customer A can then download the product or your company ships a physical commodity to him or her. However, that simplicity is deceptive – there’s much more to it than that. Without the right internal systems, the entire process breaks down.

How Systems Affect B2C and B2B eCommerce

So, how exactly do systems affect your eComm business? Whether you’re selling to businesses or consumers, you need several different systems integrated as a seamless whole in order for your business to operate efficiently and one answer to this challenge is adapting MS Dynamics CRM into your eCommerce business strategy. For instance, you need a system that allows your visitors to locate the products they want. You need a system that will allow them to select multiple products and then pay for them in any of several ways. You then need to track your orders and inventory, ship (or otherwise provide) the ordered product, retain the customer information and more.

An Integrated System to E-Myth Your Business

To “E-Myth your business” has been used by popular publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine to describe building in processes to support your business. Of course, building those support systems takes time and expertise that many entrepreneurs and business owners simply don’t have. However, the fact remains that without those systems, success can be fleeting or nonexistent.

We here at Clarity Ventures can build the underpinning systems that you need to support your business, no matter what it is. Whether you operate a B2B eCommerce system, a B2C solution or a hybrid of the two, our expertise can help ensure your success in the online and offline world. With our experience and expertise, there’s no reason not to achieve the success you deserve.

If you have any questions about eCommerce development or ERP and CRM integration for eCommerce, please contact us today!

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