We recently added a section to our Clarity website devoted to giving users a more granular look at what we can do for our clients. The bright, shiny new demo site discusses solutions we've designed or integrated from clients ranging from nonprofits to large companies like Disney. But it's not just a great way of showing off our services; the demo site is designed to help you, too, whether you're a current client or a business owner considering a website redesign. 

Here are three not-so-secret ways in which you can take advantage of a leisurely scroll (see what I did there?) through our demo site: 

1. Find Designs That Inspire You

Yes, your website is a beautiful, unique snowflake. But that doesn't mean you can't borrow design ideas and best practices from websites that work! In fact, your developer will love you if you come to them with a list of websites you admire, with reasons for why you chose them. Think critically about what attracts you to a particular website and what you think your customers will appreciate: bright, bold graphics? An understated, clean, and professional feel? An image rotator or a large call-to-action? If you need a kick-start, check out our website design examples

2. Read the Descriptions - They'll Help You See How a Concept or Service Can Apply to Your Business

Here's another secret about our demo site: the descriptions are very helpful. For example, consider this description of a custom Google Maps integration for WORD of Comal County. Not only does the video and the accompanying description explain how custom Google maps integration helped WORD; it also shows you how the integration could apply to a different type of company or organization - including yours. Look for these little pieces of wisdom and you may just discover new concepts that you never thought would be applicable to your business. 

3. Get a Big Picture View of Features That Can Help Your Website 

It's really hard to find a complete list of ways in which you could improve your website, your business processes, and your marketing. Luckily, the demo site provides that list, from "About Us" to "Web Design."  Since we view ourselves as a "one stop shop" for website development needs, taking a look at the services that are listed on our demo site will give you a fairly comprehensive picture of what's out there in the realm of web development. So whether you're looking for document management or state-of-the-art security features, we'll pull through. You may just come up with a list of website essentials that you didn't even know about.

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Meg Nanson works on Clarity's marketing team. Her strengths are in copywriting, relationship-building, SEO, and strategic thinking. She loves infusing personality into brands by adapting her writing style to match the needs and philosophy of her audience. She rarely sits in a chair and can often be found sitting on her office floor or lying on the lobby couch while she works, or standing behind one of the web developers while they're trying to work. 


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