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The Water Oriented Recreation District (W.O.R.D.) of Comal County is a government institution for parks and recreation which is focused in particular on protecting and fostering water-related activities. Because W.O.R.D. is driven by a goal of providing Comal County with relevant information regarding natural resources and public parks, they require a particularly detailed, attractive, and useful system of maps.

After consultation, Clarity built them several geographical maps - all linked to Google Maps - that feature the locations, respectively, of camping and lodging, tubing and kayaking, fishing, and marinas and boat storage. Users can quickly browse between the maps, and when they notice something that interests them, they can drill down into it to learn more.

How can this apply to your business? Well, if you service multiple locations and provide a diversity of services, you may consider a similar arrangement of maps to help your prospective customers perform the specific search they desire. The more you can pinpoint somebody’s needs and address them with an interactive tool like Google Maps, the more likely they are to become a loyal customer. So ask a Clarity representative today about how you can think creatively about Google Maps.

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