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Defining the architecture that links your CRM/ERP & Clarity eCommerce™


What's in our core?

The Core layer enables base level classes for:

Using the data

The Data Access layer enable an ODBC compatible database storage capability. MS SQL is the default database type supported with the platform, however, the Data Access layer architecture enables it to support MySQL, Oracle, Azure, NoSQL for specific use cases, and more...


The Provider (Modules) layer enables robust customization of the core business logic layers without directly modifying the platform's code. It includes:


The Services (API) layer enables a robust set of over 2,000 endpoints which expose REST, SOAP, and other protocols for integration. The services also have a robust security, tracking & caching, capability & thus a very rich integration experience. The APIs are also documented and examples provided to enable extensibility & integration to other applications...

User Interfaces

The User Interface (UI) layer incorporates open source frameworks such as AngularJS, Bootstrap, JQuery and others to consume the services APIs. The UI enables core storefront features as well as marketplace, mobile apps, portals and communities. The UI also incorporates an override model that allows complete cusotmization of this layer.

Sub Applications

The Sub Applications layer enables for integration to and creation of robust external applications. In addition to being able to directly integrate with the platform, Clarity also offers "Clarity Connect", which enables a robust queue based integration platform that has proven integrations into dozens of line of business (LOB) applications and more...