Extend Your Reach with Global eCommerce Integrations

e-commerce web catalog solution for enterprise businesses | Clarity
Clarity's international shipping integrations give you the tools you need to automate your shipping processes and increase your bottom line. There are solutions to provide printed shipping labels, as well as real-time currency conversions. More features also deal with overseas shipping rates, customs and duties, VAT and more are just part of the international eCommerce platform you'll need to achieve your goals.
e-commerce web catalog solution for enterprise businesses | Clarity
Automatically display your multilingual website, form or content in the preferred language of your buyer to facilitate effective communication and completed transactions. With over 51% of all online eCommerce transactions coming from mobile devices, and a reported 42% higher conversion rate when viewed in their native language, we marketers have no choice but to ensure that we're requiring a mobile responsive platform when choosing.
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There are numerous ways to deal with multi-currency needs. One feature would be to integrate with a conversion service such as our multi-currency ecommerce integration, that could provide all prices in your product catalog in corrected currencies for the potential buyer. The more common method to reduce buyer friction, is by calculating currencies and international currency exchange rates in real time during customer checkout. You let them add products to the cart, then when they enter their billing information, choose whatever currency they wish to pay in.
e-commerce web catalog solution for enterprise businesses | Clarity
Clarity's multilingual integrate online store checkout process reduces the buyer friction inherent in filling out complicated international customs forms. All forms can be auto-populated with user information, tied to their profile, as well account or company information that's been pulled from an integration to your back-office ERP. Auto-formatting to either save, email or print in PDF formats is another easy feature included in Clarity's platform.
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Integrating ERP and CRM sytems saves you money, reduces the risk of human error and makes your global business processes more efficient. Clarity Connect™ provides both the connectivity platform to integrate your back-office line of business applications with your marketplace and asynchronous queueing so even if your ERP or CRM is offline for service, you can rest assured that your Clarity marketplace will still take your customers orders through our multi-currency integrate eCommerce solution.
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For over 10 years, Clarity has been building and delivering multilingual, multi-currency websites, portals and marketplaces to clients all over the globe. Clarity starts each project by discussing your exact business, traffic, and SEO strategies for each international region, then formulates a plan to execute on the project that will accomplish those goals. Clarity's has a diverse set of international web development projects from clients like including Walt Disney, Merlin Entertainment, LDR and many more.