Avoid Cart Abandonment, Make More Sales


The eCommerce Checkout: Loyalty and Attraction


71% of respondents in a recent B2B eCommerce survey said they would be willing to shop more online as well as leave competitor websites if navigation and purchasing were easier, according to Internet Retailer.

We know from experience that B2C customers will abandon shopping carts and even the website entirely if the checkout process isn't optimized for the consumer. Furthermore, these same consumers who shop on B2C eCommerce websites will go to work and expect the same, simplified process on the B2B eCommerce websites they visit. No eCommerce website can survive without a streamlined checkout process that utilizes proven techniques to complete transactions.

An efficient eCommerce website checkout process that reduces buyer friction and simplifies the transaction for the consumer improves customer loyalty, increases average order size, and poaches prospects from competitors.


Create Loyalty Through Customer Centered eCommerce Checkout Design


The most common mistake many eCommerce website's make is having a high number of checkout pages. Clarity offers a simple, one page checkout that makes it easier for your customers to complete their transaction.

Intuitive Field Auto-Fill

Redundant tasks such as filling out the same form fields over and over create a large amount of buyer friction. Clarity's eCommerce solution recognizes returning customers and auto-fills forms to make purchase simply a matter of a few clicks! 

Upselling and Cross Selling

Upselling and cross selling are a large part of the eCommerce process. Without these kinds of features built in to your platform, your average order size will fail to grow and increase your revenue per customer.


Intelligent Purchase Validation

Clarity's eCommerce platform comes with an intuitive purchase validation procedure built into the website checkout process. This reduces customer error, saves your customer service resources, and keeps your customers satisfied post purchase.

Request for Quote Forms

Not every eCommerce business offers products that have set prices. Sometimes, prices on products or services vary depending on the client or project. A request for quote form can drastically increase the number of qualified leads your business receives.

Clarity's eCommerce platform is an industry leading, fully customizable system. Integrated APIs allow for modular extensions that service any eCommerce need without extensive development work. Call or fill out this form today to request pricing!