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Ecommerce best practices dictate that a website visitor should be able to find what they're looking for in only 3 pages or less. Without a powerful product search feature integrated within your E-Commerce solution, your business will have trouble meeting this goal. And, unfortunately, if you're not meeting this goal you're losing customers and sales.

Clarity's Ecommerce platform was built with this in mind. As such, we use extensive indexing and documentation to optimize your search functionality for speed and individual customization. Clarity's intuitive search features algorithmicly correlate product pages with item names, product specs, part numbers, brand names and includes every scrap of information within your website (even PDF files!).

We use this to ascertain the search results with the highest likelihood of being the desired product of the user search query. Everyone searches differently for the same things, but Clarity's solution intuitively leads them to the page they're looking for.


Types of Search Functions

advanced ecommerce search features, advanced searching for e-commerce website | Clarity

Clarity | predictive search feature for ecommerce websitePredictive Search- Ah, the wisdom of crowds. Predictive search is built on aggregated search data from a huge number of search queries. There is a drop down menu of search results under the search bar most likely to match the query the user is typing in. Not only does this improve search speed, it improves search and result accuracy while mitigating potential human error.

advanced search feature development for e-commerce platform | ClarityAdvanced Search- Advanced search is a search the user customizes to fit his/her needs or preferences. An advanced search result will search for query results with specified parameters like 'region,' 'language,' or even search results containing synonyms of the desired query (see example above).

Clarity | filter search feature for e-commerce web storeFiltered Search-Filtered is similar to advanced search. Typically, this is done after the initial search (but this is not always so). Filters can be placed for price range, color, height, weight, or other variables. Filters can be customized for your specific business needs. For example, if you offer free shipping on certain products, you can add a filter that only shows results with free shipping.

custom search results feature development for e commerce | ClarityCustom Results- These results cater to the specific needs, characteristics, or past behaviors of a user. Advanced integration with CRM software can come in really handy here for the individualization of results, but is not absolutely necessary.

comparative search result development, ecommerce search development | ClarityComparative Results-This is an extremely useful and highly recommended feature. A user can view different items side by side on the same page. This improves the user experience and increases the likelihood of a sale of at least one of the products (see example below).

ecommerce comparative search results, compare search results feature for ecommerce | Clarity

Clarity and Lucene Search


Clarity's solution integrates all of the search types above with the web's most powerful search tool, known as Lucene Search. Lucene search can not only search through web pages, but email, online documentation, social feeds, and documents. The Clarity solution indexes all your online documents so that they are available to Lucene search.

These factors make Clarity's indexing and documentation one of the most robust and capable platforms for search and customization of results on the web. Our solution makes it easier than ever for your website visitors to find exactly what they're looking for in just a few simple clicks. Call Clarity today for more information on our extensive indexing and documentation.