Extend the Power of the Microsoft Dynamics Suite

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A Microsoft Enterprise Framework means that the DNN platform is compatible with Microsoft's powerful and commonly used ERP and CRM systems such as the Microsfot Dynamics suite. This robust framework utilizes .NET and makes developers more productive by making the Microsoft Enterprise Library available.

Microsoft's collection of reusable software componenents are designed to assist software developers with 'best practices'  relating to several common concerns of enterprise developers. This means that developers who build complex, enterprise level applications already have base code, best practices and test cases at their disposal.


Data Access (DAAB)

This simplifies accessing databases easy in order to preform common tasks. While designed for the purpose of calling stored procedures, this block also provides full support for the use of SQL statements and client side querying techniques.

Exception Handling (EHAB)

A centralized method of handling common exception errors and creating custom implementations. A configurable approach means adaptable exception management without major code or process changes.

Logging (LAB)

Allows for customizable log entries in specified locations. Limits repetitive logging tasks, saving developers time and you money.

Policy Injection (PIAB)

Manages cross-cutting concerns by effectively changing the behavior of custom objects and other AOP fashion classes. This is accomplished by injecting custom behaviors at run time.

Semantic Logging (SLAB)

Makes it easier to process and analyze large volumes of log data. This is used when moving from unstructured logs to so called strongly-typed logging.

Transient Fault Handling (TOPAZ)

Allows for more robust applications by providing logic for identification and handling of transient faults. Allows for a consistent approach to dealing with transient faults in applications.


Addresses issues in component-based software development through loosely coupled application design.

Validation (VAB)

Allows easy and structured validation scenarios within their application.