Eliminate the Need to Write Data-Access Code

What is Entity Framework?


Entity framework is an open-source, object-relational mapper (ORM) that allows developers to utilize relational data. Usually, programmers must write data access code from scratch. Entity framework forgoes this necessity, with Clarity's solution taking it a step further with the creation and out-of-the-box availability of even more objects pre-written to access relational data.

Entity framework allows developers to work with a higher degree of abstraction, working with domain-specific objects and properties without concerning themselves with the tables and columns in which the desired objects lay. This allows much more freedom and less code when retrieving data from the MS SQL database.


Why Entity Framework?


Aside from the most obvious reason to use entity framework within the ecommerce application (which is eliminating the need to write more code than necessary), there are also other benefits to the .NET based framework.

The open source nature of the framework means the Microsoft Open Tech Hub collaborates with a large and active community of .NET developers. This means that, aside from a very helpful community of like minded individuals, the framework is constantly being updated to ensure the best possible data access experience.

Entity framework also works with a variety of servers including Oracle and DB2, not just MSSQL. Additionally, integrated Visual Studio tools and code first experience make it easy to create and deploy robust models. Lastly, your applications are freed from hard-coded dependencies and can change without altering the application code.



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