Code Base for B2B E-Commerce Platforms

Extensibility Saves Development Time and Money

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A highly extensible code base means you can easily expand, make additions to, or change the functionality of the base of code given. Additionally, almost all functions use a plug-in or component architecture. This way, you can manipulate the functionality of one node without risking damage to the code as a whole, which would render the entire application inoperable. A highly extensible coding platform has numerous advantages, the best of which are laid out below.


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Open Source

Our code base is built around the power of the Microsoft Enterprise Framework (or .NET). The .NET community is large, very active, and always prepared to lend a helping hand. This allows for faster development of plug-ins and modules and quicker bug resolution.
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Lower Development Cost

A large framework of pre-written base code means you spend less time (and therefore money) on development. The code is familiar to almost all developers and this, along with the .NET community, means your development budget will be spent in the most time-efficient manner possible.
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A scalable code framework can grow with your business. As you design and add more options and functions, these are added on as individual modules that always work with the base code. Another scalability benefit is that you can add these extra modules without the risk of breaking the entire code.


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The beauty of the extensible code Clarity offers is its flexibility or ability to adapt to each enterprise business' specific and unique needs. Less obtrusive, implicit parameters allow the code to be rewritten with ease whenever needed. The extensible compiler converts this source code input into actionable binary output.
customization for enterprise ecommerce platform extensible code base development | Clarity


A highly extensible base code, by its nature and usage, exists for complete customization. Custom modules can be developed within the module itself and the function can simply be added into the familiar base code. ASP.NET allows you to customize your ecommerce platform the way you want.
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Centralized Error Handling

Built in to the extensible base code are standardized methods of error handling. This standardization makes solving relatively common problems much faster and easier, should you run into any problems. The power of Microsoft backing makes sure this process is continually refined for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.