Native C# Queries with .NET


Clarity eCommerce | Linq and C#

What is Linq?


Clarity eCommerce LinqLinq stands for 'Language Integrated Query.' It adds native data querying capabilities to the .NET framework (including C#), introducing standardized patterns for querying and updating any kind of data stored within the database.

Linq was designed to apply to a plethora of information sources rather than only a few select types. Query expressions are manipulated to make use of rich metadata, IntelliSense, static typing and compile-time syntax checking. Typical usage extends to expressions that easily process data from XML documents, arrays, enumerable classes, relational databases and third party data streams.


What is C#?


C# is a type-safe, secure programming language that covers imperative, functional, declaritive, procedural, object-based, strong typing and component-oriented programming disciplines. C# is known for being highly expressive, yet simplistic and relatively easy to understand. Developers with knowledge of C, C++ and Java will find the language very familiar which allows them to pick up on it fairly quickly.

C# is very useful for high speed data processing and the general purpose nature of the language allows programmers to develop more robust functions and features. Additionally, Microsoft has poured a lot of money into the development of the language, with the intent of it being used in software components capable of deployment in distributed environments.


Why Linq and C#?


Because of the fact that Clarity's solution is based on a .NET framework, C# is the natural programming language that will allow for the powerful functionality and easy-to-learn nature of Clarity E-Commerce. Linq extends the capabilities of C# even further, integrating advanced query capabilities into the language. For enterprise level ecommerce applications, software and data processing, there is no better combination of programming language and querying ability. The main strength of these two titans of code are their easy of use in developing advanced functions and the fact that it's faster and easier to do with them.