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As a company that generates 75% of its new business leads through intensive SEO Optimization efforts, Clarity understands the importance of a solution built with SEO friendly attributes in mind. However, the Clarity platform does so more than simple h1 tag and meta description optimization. Our solution utilizes literally every scrap of information you put on your website and maximizes its SEO potential.

Furthermore, we realize that not every marketer knows or has a lot of experience with the ins and outs of web languages, programming and coding. That's why we've built our solution with an extremely intuitive and user friendly admin interface that non technical marketers will love and be able to use right out of the box. No training necessary.

Read on to learn how Clarity's SEO friendly eCommerce solution maximizes your online marketing potential.


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In today's SEO practices, content marketing is the name of the game. Content marketing is generating blog posts, articles, white papers, infographics and more built around a specific targeted keyword or keyword phrase so as to increase a website's ranking for those keywords. This is costly, time consuming and can actually hurt rankings if strict rules are not adhered to with a refined skill.

Clarity's revolutionary solution is to leverage each of your eCommerce product pages as a piece of SEO friendly content. Typically, product pages are generated dynamically from a database and are therefore not indexable by search crawlers. Clarity's eCommmerce platform creates an indexable, stand alone HTML product page full of the keywords that improve your rankings. This is a revolutionary new concept in the world of content marketing, eCommerce and SEO.

SEO thrives on new, fresh content. What better content than the product pages you already constantly update?


Leveraging Details Pages, PDFs, Brochures, Warranties and More


Aside from the product pages themselves, you have a lot more content just sitting within your site begging to be indexed by search crawlers. What's to prevent you from assigning an SEO friendly URL to product details or specifications pages? With Clarity's E-Commerce software, nothing.

Clarity's e commerce solution makes full use of the powerful DNN EVOQ platform, which contains Lucene Search. The Lucene search engine indexes information heretofore locked in PDFs, brochures, warranties and more. As you can see, you can make significant headway in your content marketing by simply allowing Clarity's solution to make use of all the content you already have.


Include Ratings and Reviews in Search Engine Results Pages


If you've searched for a product on Google lately, you may notice that reviews and ratings from various sources peddling that particular product show up among the top results on the first page.

Clarity's solution makes use of this by integrating your product reviews and ratings with Google's SERPs (search engine results pages). These are known as 'rich snippets' and follow the markup. This is just another way to harness the social clout behind your products while simultaneously utilizing the power of SEO optimization to garner top search results for your Ecommerce website.


Clarity E-Commerce: Easy Online Marketing for Savvy Marketers


Clarity's enterprise eCommerce solution has a lot of useful tools that act as steroids for your e-commerce website. While the administrative tools are extremely powerful, they are designed to be intuitive and easy for anyone to use. An ideal online shopping cart solution empowers both your site and your employees by making both increase revenue and become more efficient. Clarity e-commerce does just that.

If you're ready to increase online revenue, sales and efficiency from your web store, call Clarity today for a serious solution through our professional SEO services.