Microsoft SQL Server Database

Built for Speed and Robust Performance

What is Microsoft (MS) SQL?

Clarity eCommerce | Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL is a relational web hosting database that is used to store and retrieve website information and is ideal for ASP.NET based applications. Microsoft designed this server specifically for businesses, with advanced features that allow for almost unlimited e-commerce business utility. Like most other servers, MSSQL has mission critical performance, high availability and scalability.


How does MS-SQL Compare to Other Platforms?

While Microsoft SQL servers share many common attributes with other servers like Oracle and IBM DB2, it differs in several key respects.

Clarity eCommerce | MS SQL Server

  • Out-of-the-Box business intelligence tools and enterprise big data solutions
  • Native integration with Microsoft software like Sharepoint, Office, and the Dynamics CRM/ERP Suite
  • Secure, flexible deployment in the public, on-premise or private cloud
  • Industry Leading, Built-In Development Tools

Additionally, the total cost of ownership is much less expensive in the long run than competitors like Oracle and IBM DB2.


While Clarity's own eCommerce platform can run on any SQL database, we chose to standardize on MSSQL due to it's proven track record of performance under pressure, high velocity data intake and output, and familiarity to almost all developers, including CS Majors fresh out of college. Furthermore, its built-in tools and .NET framework provide a centralized and standardized way of performing and completing many common tasks. This allows for fast and reliable solutions to any problems that may arise. Lastly, the Microsoft community is large and active, an important resource for solving problems and discussing solutions to programming based tasks.