Unlimited API Integrations


What is ServiceStack?


Because of the plethora of technoliges that can be used to build an API or distributed service, building these web services can be extremely confusing. ServiceStack simplifies this process by providing a 'stack' of conventional services.

This allows the programmer to develop a clean API using standardized protocols and formats without having to worry about unnecessarily using code-gen, additional machinery or configuration. To put it simply, ServiceStack provides a clean, succinct API that is strong typed for a more manageable development environment.


Why ServiceStack?


ServiceStack exemplifies Clarity Ecommerce's recurring suedo-mantra of simplicity and speed. Additionally, it allows for the use of many popular formats (such as: XML, JSON, HTML, CSV, JSV) as it auto-configures the language and end-points (REST, RPC, SOAP). Developers love the code-first based programming architecture that allows them to focus less on infrastructure and more on the normal C# objects with which to manipulate data.

This is of prime importance when developing cross platform web services as it precludes your developer from learning new programming languages and installing additional tools. Using ServiceStack saves time and money while producing a clean, extendable, fast and agile. This is the best tool to create robust accessible endpoints (or APIs) for integration or for using within the user interface where data access is needed.