Your Best Salesperson

Train Your eCommerce Platform to Produce


Training your eCommerce platform to produce


The Cost of Sales Ramp-Up


Clarity eCommerce platform increases sales and conversionsHow much money, time and training does your company invest in every new salesperson they hire? 1 to 2 months? Do they get a “ramp-up” quarter to build out their pipeline? Hiring and training salespeople is a huge expense for all companies, and doing it right takes time. We even build dedicated Sales / Channel Portals just to train our saleforce. Your website requires the same investment.


How Much Training Does a Website Need?!


eCommerce global sales platformSo how much time and money should your company spend on training your eCommerce platform? What?! Not even sure what that means?


Think about this - your website can communicate your messaging, speak any language, reach virtually any country on the planet, work 24 hours a day, push products, promote up-selling, take complaints, provide help and documentation, answer questions, and it almost never complains. Sounds like the perfect salesperson, doesn’t it? It can be!

Clarity eCommerce client | The Newton GroupDelivering Real-world Results


"In less than a year after launching the new site on Clarity eCommerce, we created a new revenue stream and brought in over $700k within a few months. Since then, our online sales have grown from 15% of our business to over 40%."


Kristi Bond, Director
The Newton Group


Does Your Website Know Your Audience?


who is your target eCommerce audienceJust like your salespeople need to be taught who your target customers are and how to sell to them, so does your online website. This means that the messaging, user experience, FAQs, shopping and check-out processes, promotions, calls-to-actions, product images, layout and colors need to be customized for your visitors. What most companies don’t understand is that an off-the-shelf cart can’t deliver all this. That’s where Clarity eCommerce excels.


Back to Front is Better


Clarity eCommerce | built from back office systems firstMost companies think from the front to the back, or customer-facing to back-end. They get their cart up and running, then struggle for years trying to integrate it into their back-office applications and business processes. Clarity spent years designing our cart from the back-end to the front. Long before we had an eCommerce UI, our cart was in production for clients who needed a scalable cart with full ERP / CRM integration. By scalable, we’re talking over 3 million SKUs in a single store, with performance that matches one with only 100 SKUs.


Pay For What You Need

Clarity eCommerce model - pay for what you needClarity has uniquely built our platform as you would a salesperson. Each feature is built as it’s own module. Just as you would search, recruit and interview for the perfect salesperson for your company’s needs (hint, you may need a Careers Portal), Clarity eCommerce allows us to simply turn on and off features and functions to create the perfect eCommerce solution for your business. And just as you pay a salesperson based on their experience and skills, with Clarity eCommerce, you only pay for the features you turn on.