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What Percent of Abandoned Carts Would Close if You Just Asked?

6 of 10 People Just Don't Check Out


Studies over the last four years have shown the cart abandonment rate has climbed above 60%, meaning six in 10 shoppers who place items in a cart do not check out. So how do you chase down those six shoppers and remind them that they're "ready to checkout" and do it for free? Okay, not completely free, but after Clarity helps you set up your abandoned cart email drip campaigns, it can be.

Amazon ran a 6-month study and determined that simply by implementing a cart abandon rate drip campaign (i.e. reminding people after they've left, that they've forgotten something in their cart and providing a single-click checkout now option), they were able to increase online sales by 15%! The beauty of this model is that their cart is out selling products even when the users aren't on the site or even shopping (refer back to the perfect Salesperson discussion). 15% ROI not enough? A quick search on Google will provide you with many studies showing 29-500% ROI on this type of program. It’s one of those features that continues to pay for itself over and over.


From Prospect Wishlist to Client Sold


Clarity ecommerce attribute managementSo why do customers, or potential customers, take the time to browse your site, add a product or products to their cart, then leave? According to Practical eCommerce, an abandonment rate is a very natural part of the sales process. This means that you don’t need to stress that they do it, just stress that it costs you 72% of your conversions! So how can Clarity eCommerce help?
Clarity has spent years testing and perfecting ways to increase shopping cart conversion rates and have a long checklist of features and options, as well as best practices to help you increase your sales. Let us share with you what we've learned from helping hundreds of clients with their eCommerce solutions.