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Clarity Connect Integration with Sage ERP X3


How companies integrate Sage ERP X3 to grow eCommerce revenue

Clarity helps Dynamics ERP streamline your organizationSage ERP X3, originally Adonix X3 ERP, uses cutting edge software across Windows, Linux, and Unix to bring advanced back-end functionality to the ERP space. Built initially in French, X3 ERP has maintained it's place as a multi-lingual, multi-national platform. X3 ERP is perfectly suited to leverage the advanced multi-lingual and multi-national functions of Clarity eCommerce. Sage ERP X3 also bring Sage's high standard of ERP functionality in addition to the features that set X3 ERP apart. Scalability is one of the most important distinctions between X3 ERP and other ERP products; you'll find X3 ERP equally proficient at providing Enterprise Resource Planning for a company of 20 people as it is for a company of 1000s. This means that you can buy Sage ERP X3 and be confident it will grow with your company, and not have to replace your ERP system unless you want to, with a Sage eCommerce integration.

Adding to the multitude of features already provided by Sage ERP X3 is a full virtual engine, developer tools, a built in configuration console for complex architectures, and multiple choices of web servers and services to manage connections from the web. The SAFE X3 technology that Sage ERP X3 is built on is not only technically impressive, but brings an extensive array of supervisor services and user interface improvements.

Keeping projects on time and on budget are concerns for all managers. Controlling project costs, boosting efficiency, and increasing cash flow are just a few aspects of combining the forces between Sage ERP X3 ERP and Clarity Connect. Human resource departments are able to create more productive and satisfied workforces by leaning on Sage's industry-leading, comprehensive HR management, and payroll solutions. There are many benefits of integrating Sage ERP ERP X3 and Clarity Connect. Let us share some recommended steps to enlighten your decision making.

Clarity Connect enables the following integration capabilities for Sage ERP X3:

When organizations assess the benefits of an ERP integration to their eCommerce website, there are several key factors to consider. Below, is an outline of recommended considerations and steps to complete:

Clarity enhances organizations security


This is always a major concern for two-way integrations. eCommerce platforms and public facing storefronts typically have complex security constraints. Clarity has developed a middle ware layer called Clarity Connect that allows customers to securely push data to the Clarity Connect middleware that interfaces with Sage ERP X3 APIs. This allows data to go past the company firewalls, and isolate the data that needs to be sent and received from the public facing storefront. Clarity connect dramatically reduces the surface area for a potential security issue and creates an intermediate clearinghouse confirming data is securely pushed and pulled between the internal ERP platform and the external Sage eCommerce storefront.


Sage ERP X3 instances are usually secure and housed in a different physical location than the public facing website. Without a middle ware layer, this would potentially cause major lags in data load times and other performance metrics. Clarity Connect enables a rapid load time and intelligent refreshing of the externally facing data to reflect internal updates in real time. By effectively pushing updates on a real-time basis, details that would otherwise take minutes to load on the site now load within milliseconds as they're cached on the external interface. In addition, specific customer data that needs to be pulled from the ERP system in real-time is pulled in dynamically using AJAX loading techniques to dramatically improve performance.

Clarity helps improve shipping and freight operations

Shipping and Freight

Due to the nature of Clarity's past projects we have extensive experience with not just the standard UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL and other standard carrier integrations for shipping costs and package tracking and returns but we also specialize in helping setup and configure the pick list and label printing, scanning and implementation of the physical packing stations and picking process to improve internal workflows as well. In addition to being able to provide support for the actual order management and processing of orders for different carriers we also specialize in working with freight carriers to automate the quotes, pricing, bill of lading setup and processing, obtaining customer specific pricing, and dynamically providing freight shipment status as well.

Clarity is the master at taxes, customs, and duties

Taxes, Customs and Duties

Many companies operate abroad, but few currently operate with fully automated processes for their international transactions. Clarity delivers in domestic taxes and integration with internal ERP tax tables, custom tax tables, and setting up external API integration but also offers extensive specialization in international taxes, customs and duties as well. Specifically, Clarity delivers customs and duties integration to dynamically pull this information from the ERP platform or enable third party integration for this component as well to pull the most up to date customs and duties data in real-time for global payments and ordering.

Clarity enhances quotes and workflows for all sorts of businesses

Quotes and Workflows

In addition to managing and placing orders, many business find their processes run smoothest with a streamlined human interaction to facilitate the process. This can apply for all orders or orders within a certain segment of business. In either case, Clarity Connect is able to pull in the Sage ERP X3 sales order documents and help streamline the quoting workflow. In addition to helping with notification e-mails and embedding quotes, Clarity's Sage ERP X3 Sales Documents integration directly pulls quote status and allows the ERP system to trigger workflow steps. This reduces the chances of human error. Alternatively, some clients prefer a simple web interface for their sales team. This allows sales team members to focus just on their quotes and orders, instead of logging into the ERP system to manage this data. Connect’s middle ware tool updates your ERP system seamlessly.

Clarity helps eCommerce platform integrations perform to their highest potential

eCommerce Integration to Line of Business (LOB) Applications

Most mid-large sized businesses integrate several, if not dozens, of LOB applications to streamline their workflows. In addition to Sage eCommerce integration, Clarity offers full customization capabilities to tightly integrate other LOB applications such as order fulfillment tools, support and ticketing tools, CRM and service tools, email and newsletter/marketing applications, etc.

Clarity improves organizations risks

Timeline and Risks

As a final consideration, we highly recommend a full internal audit of the prioritized list of requirements as well as an external review by an expert, like Clarity. This is vital to ensure your desired outcome. In addition, it's critical to establish timeline criteria if there are hard deadlines. Setting clear objectives for prioritized deliverables with clear contingency plans will help smooth the process significantly.

Clarity and Sage ERP X3 Integration

Sage ERP X3 Integration has the ability to boost your ERP and eCommerce operations to new heights. Clarity is an expert in helping deploy over 650+ successful projects, and optimizing clients’ processes. To learn more about how your team can take full advantage of Sage ERP X3, please speak to a Clarity consultant today.


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