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Clarity's Long History of Robust eCommerce Solutions


Clarity's long history of eCommerce solutions


Built From Many Years & Many Customers


Clarity eCommerce client | The Newton GroupFor almost 10 years, Clarity’s been delivering B2B eCommerce solutions to our clients. In the beginning, for many sites, Clarity would use an off-the-shelf eCommerce shopping cart solution. Time and time again, these solutions didn’t meet the needs of our clients and we were forced to do a lot of custom development to get the solutions to meet their needs. After a number of years, we had so many custom modules built, that we had 75% of everything needed to offer our own eCommerce solution. That’s how Clarity eCommerce came to be. 


Large-scale Beginnings


Clarity eCommerce inventory managementNow Clarity eCommerce didn't begin in a 10 SKU home business store. It started in one of our B2B client’s, running over 1M SKUs while managing 2,700 B2B vendors. Dynamics GP integration, security access roles across and within the vendors allowed both our client and each vendor to scope what features and functions were available to their employees (place orders, view/run reports, pay invoices, grant access, add shipping locations, etc.). ERP integration provided fully automated invoicing and fulfillment, as well as managing inventories. CRM integration provided managing tiered pricing for all vendors, as well as their multiple shipping addresses. That store has been in production for over three years, handling over $100M in orders yearly, processing 10,000 transactions every week.


Flexible Modular Architecture


Clarity eCommerce has flexible, modular architectureSince Clarity eCommerce was built one module at a time, Clarity’s been able to use different modules on many of their traditional web client's sites. Websites with event registration, donations, ticket purchases and coupon codes are all serviced by the Clarity checkout module. The integration middle-ware module, built for the ERP/CRM back office integration is used to integrate hundreds of applications, dozens of shipping providers, data sources (sales tax providers, address verification, zip code look-up, currency exchange rates, etc.) for real-time calculations needed for automating business processes. The product selection wizard is used for self-guided multi-page forms, e-learning courses, complex lookups and advanced searches. The list goes on and on. Suffice it to say, that after seven years of development, Clarity eCommerce is one of the most scalable, high-performance and customizable eCommerce platforms available.



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