Montana Dept. of Commerce

Design • Development

The Client

The State of Montana was looking for a DNN expert who could build them an up-to-date, mobile responsive, custom template for the latest version of DNN Evoq. Clarity has been building DNN sites for over 10 years, and was happy to take on the project.


Existing Problems

The State of Montana has been using DNN’s CMS for many years. Over the years, they have upgraded many 3rd party modules and content and their DNN template didn’t function properly anymore. They also wanted to upgrade the site to be mobile responsive for their ever-growing mobile community.

Our Solutions

Clarity started with some beautiful pictures taken by residents of Montana, which would be the rotating backgrounds of every page. They then had to construct a well-designed navigation and sitemap to handle the hundreds of pages of content the state has. Finally, Clarity built out a custom template, designed to be responsive.

Montana Dept. of Commerce

Enhance and Sustain Economic Presperity in Montana

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The Benefits

The State wanted the ability to be able to switch in new photos as their backgrounds, which their prior site didn’t provide. Clarity built a custom module and trained the State how to easily swap in pictures as they needed. The navigation was now clear and intuitive, making it easier for their users to find what they needed, thus reducing the need for many phone calls. Finally, the mobile responsiveness of the site ensured that no matter the device, the site looks good and provides navigation to every user to find what they need.




Since the State was already on DNN, Clarity had to upgrade them to the latest version, so they could benefit from a responsive site. Clarity built some custom modules and navigation using NAVXP. Modernizr was used for responsive design, as well and HTML5 and CSS3. Finally, a number of DNN modules (DNN Easy News, DNN Easy Rotator, and more) were used for various site features and functionality.

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