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The Client

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, SourceMark™ is a product innovation, manufacturing and distribution company providing affordable solutions for hospitals, health systems, pharmacies, ambulatory surgery centers, clinical laboratories and physician offices. Our proven, clinically-reviewed medical and surgical products are uniquely designed to improve patient care and clinician engagement through their ease-of-use, utilization efficiencies and affordable cost-point. Founded in 2002, SourceMark is proud to offer American-made or locally sourced patient-centric products that provide meaningful clinical differentiation without compromising quality or complicating clinical workflows or the clinical experience. We team with leading group purchasing organizations (GPO’s) and are a certified minority-owned business, which means that your organization can have confidence in both SourceMark’s product performance and value.


Existing Problems

Sourcemark had a number of issues that they wanted to solve. The biggest was that they had many needs, from different sites and applications, but didn't have a robust platform that could support their disparate environment. The wanted a new eCommerce storefront for their medical products, yet be able to take requests for custom quoted pricing. They also needed to be able to have a platform designed for extensibility to handle many custom EDI connections to their vendors, which implies the addition of split and drop-shipping. The platform also needed to be able to be scoped to specific roles. This would allow nurses to log in and only see the scrubs for nurses, etc. Finally, they wanted a companion mobile application linked to the eCommerce store, so users could view and check on their orders.

Our Solutions

Clarity started with a new custom design, that could not only be used for the storefront, but carry into the company's other portals and mobile app. The eCommerce platform selected was Clarity eCommerce, as it's designed to be customized and extended. The integration platform is Clarity Connect, which will be used as the vendors are onboarded. Finally, Clarity has a companion mobile application that will be extended in Phase II of the project to meet the client's needs. Clarity used their quoting module to swap out checkout for custom quotes. Quotes get forwarded to sales, where they can edit and process them, which notifies the user of the finalized quote. They can log into their storefront dashboard and view all submitted quote requests. A custom import module allows Sourcemark to update or upload many products, inventory and pricing in bulk.


Custom eCommerce Quoting Portal

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The Benefits

The first and most obvious benefti is that Sourcemark now has a beautiful, mobile responsive storefront that can grow and change as their business needs do. Based on the Clarity eCommerce platform, it can now handle any and all customizations that their old platform couldn't, such as the custom quoting process, EDI vendor integrations, as well as a companion mobile application. The platform is also designed for SEO, so it can help the company to drive new search traffic to the site. Specially designed UI/UX improves custom satisfaction, and the team loves it because they can now get real-time custom quote requests without having to make or receive phone calls.




Clarity started with creating a new website design for the mobile responsive template. Next, the CMS chosen was DNN Evoq and the eCommerce platform is our own Clarity eCommerce. DNN modules were added for the press coverage, blog and custom Quick Order form. Front-end uses HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and Angular.JS, while the back-end is MSSQL and Clarity custom code on ASP.NET.

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