Leveraging Powerful Project Management Tools to Ensure Your Custom Website is a Success

As a seasoned development partner with over 350 clients and 600 successful Client implementations, Clarity has a proven track record of success with customized enterprise level web applications. One of the key ingredients for our success is our project management process, which typically consists of the following steps:

Clarity Project Management Lifecycle Process

Within this model we find that the majority of our Clients will get the best results from keeping each step simple and focused. Typical projects have very specific deliverables that we want to accomplish, so we leverage tools and processes that rid the project of any "gold-plating" and actively seek to solve real challenges. It's all about delivering results in specific, methodical phases.

Understandably, for some larger projects "keeping it simple" can be a very real challenge. For this very reason a significant portion of our focus goes into making sure we "get" the core business logic. We invest significant resources internally at Clarity to bring to bear some of the most elegant and fundamentally powerful processes available today.

Planning for Customized Application Development

We start with the project planner. Then we move on to the wire-framing and user stories phase of the project. It's all about the end user and the associated workflow they will follow. Depending on the project scope, we take the wire framing and user-stories into a tool called Sketchflow (see image below). Sketchflow allows us to setup workflows and basic click through functionality for the site. Upon completing a high level set of Sketchflow mock-ups Clarity can then take the design into HTML/CSS and begin the development process.

expert project management and wireframing tool - sketchflow

Development and Design Process for Custom Enterprise-level Web App Implementation

After getting to the core of the application, walking through detailed user case studies and completing a full-system mock-up, Clarity will request approval to begin development. This phase of the project, called Implementation, is all about leveraging industry best practices and developing in a modular, scalable fashion to ensure the project can grow and morph to meet the demands of a long term lifespan. In order to stay focused on solving the actual business logic, Clarity leverages Microsoft enterprise best practices, a normalized database structure to ensure referential integrity is built in, an ORM (object relational mapper) to quickly setup a 3 tier architecture with separated concerns (data layer, business logic layer, and user interface layer), and a strong set of development libraries to ensure we're leveraging off the shelf tools for field validation, jQuery interfaces, and other common web-application development requirements.

With each iteration of application updates, Clarity leverages a subversion/version control system to ensure each team member has access to the latest version of each file. We also leverage performance testing and unit testing tools to ensure that upon each iteration of the application throughout it's life cycle, we have the opportunity to identify and resolve and coding errors or performance related items. See below for a screenshot of one of the tools Clarity leverages to ensure optimal custom application performance:

custom programming project developer and performance testing company- visual studio

Finalize - A Seamless Process for Going Live!

After the development process is complete, Clarity works closely with the Client company to establish any outstanding items or "tickets" for the customized web-application. As we identify any items that do not match up to the original project requirements we log a task/to-do, which is referred to as a ticket. The tickets stay open until the Client specifies that a particular task is resolved and marks the ticket as complete.

Next, upon resolving each of the project's open tickets, Clarity moves on to the final stages of development that include X-browser compatibility for Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, and mobile OSs like iPhone/iPad, Android, and Blackberry. It's important make the site presentation consistent despite the browser an end users prefers to use. Finally, Clarity leverages our development/staging to live server migration process to ensure the go-live is a smooth transition.

Please feel free to contact our custom programming and development team today or register for a free estimate for your project below. You may also want to review the Microsoft Sketchflow overview.