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For 15 years, and over 1,300 successful projects, we're still learning to master it.
Leveraging Powerful Project Management Tools

Ensure Your Custom Website is a Success

As a seasoned development partner with over 650 clients and 1,300 successful Client implementations, Clarity has a proven track record of success with customized enterprise level web applications. One of the key ingredients for our success is our project management process (sometimes referred to as the Product Development Lifecycle), which typically consists of the following steps:

Clarity project development lifecycle

Within this model we find that the majority of our Clients get the best results from keeping each step simple and focused. Typical projects have very specific deliverables we want to accomplish, so we leverage tools and processes that rid the project of any "gold-plating" and seek to solve real challenges. It's about delivering results in specific, methodical phases.

Understandably, for some larger projects "keeping it simple" can be a real challenge. For this reason, a significant portion of our focus goes into making sure we "get" the core business logic. We invest significant resources internally at Clarity to bring to bear some of the most elegant and fundamentally powerful processes.

It all starts with a plan

Customized Application Development

We start with the project planning. Part one of the planning is to create all the user stories. What are those you ask? It's all about documenting the end user and all the associated workflows (sometimes called "happy paths") that they will follow. It allows you to verbally define the different experiences and tasks your customers should be able to complete when the site is in production. For example, "a user can register for an account and as part of registration, request a spending limit, approve their own purchasing managing and net-30 terms."

Then we move on to the wire-framing phase of the project. Depending on the project scope, we take the wire framing and user-stories into a tool called Sketchflow (see image). Sketchflow allows us to setup workflows, creating hotspots and image that allow basic click through functionality for the site, essentially creating a workable prototype.

Upon completing a high level set of Sketchflow mock-ups, Clarity can then take the wireframes into design, and on to HTML/CSS to begin the development process with custom development software.

Clarity's project management tools