Enterprise Solutions for Enterprise Problems

Clarity is a leading provider in global eCommerce solutions for businesses that require online sales to fit into their international distribution. The benefits here are obvious:

  • Exposure to a larger customer base
  • Product line expansion
  • More sales and new revenue

But with these benefits come obstacles that face the common enterprise that wants to go international. These include shipping integrations, currency & tax compliance, language requirements, and others. Clarity eCommerce solves all of these problems with a single code base, relieving our clients of the stress that usually comes of an international eCommerce expansion.

Clarity eCommerce Features Include:

Works on New Websites, or as an Extension of Your Current Platform

Clarity eCommerce can be used as a standalone website/portal, or it can be used as an extension of whatever framework your company is currently using. This versatility is important for most enterprises with legacy systems that need to be considered.

ERP and CRM Integration

Of course, it is vital for your company's internal systems to keep track of the international data in a way that helps all departments have complete visibility into the success of global online sales. This is why Clarity offers an ERP and CRM integration solution that is flexible to your company's custom workflows and datasets. We have a highly skilled development staff ready to provide custom solutions for your site.

  • Multicurrency checkouts (targeted to visitor's country, based on IP)
  • Multilingual & international portals
  • Shipping integration with international delivery services
  • User account management with international settings
  • Comprehensive security with encryption and SSL support