A Dynamics GP or Dynamics CRM integration with your website or eCommerce portal can provide a great increase in functionality for your business. These Microsoft products are designed to improve the flow of financial information and to improve customer service, respectively. Each of them relies on sophisticated interaction with other Microsoft technologies to provide services in an integrated role. In these roles, they can be invaluable resources for eCommerce businesses.

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Dynamics GP Integration

Integrate with GP and CRMDynamics GP can provide financial information that flows throughout a company. The software product allows information to be given to various departments and to be presented in a format that just about everybody will understand: Microsoft Office. Dynamics GP can be integrated with your website through the eConnect feature. This allows data to be pushed through the system from front-end web applications. For example, information relating to the sale of items could be instantly pushed into the system and provided to accounting departments, order fulfillment departments and so forth. In this way, Dynamics GP becomes part of an overall eCommerce solution that can work with any front-end web technology creating a seamless, robust Dynamics GP eCommerce solution.

Dynamics CRM Integration

Dynamics CRM is designed as a customer relationship management software that provides the same basic information handling characteristics as GP but dealing with information related to the customer experience. Dynamics CRM can also be configured to take information directly from web applications with the eConnect component. This means that Dynamics eCommerce integration can be used to provide customer service to those customers who visit eCommerce sites. Instead of wondering if their complaints or questions will ever be handled, the contents of these complaints or questions can be instantly sent along to the right people and a customer relationship can be maintained in a way that makes it still profitable to the business.

A programmer can customize the interface and the data collection so that it fits the needs of the company that installs it on their websites

Working with either Dynamics GP or Dynamics CRM will require the services of a programmer. A programmer can customize the interface and the data collection so that it fits the needs of the company that installs it on their websites. This is an enormously flexible line of software that is proven to offer the level of service that it promises. The fact that it is integrated with Microsoft Office also makes it enormously useful to organizations that are already invested in that line of software. All of this together makes these programs a natural choice for eCommerce businesses that want to improve their financial tracking and their customer service on their websites.

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