eCommerce Integrations with HIPAA Mobile Apps


How HIPAA Medical App Integrations Can Pay Off

The medical field exists to help people live healthier lives, but there’s no denying that it is a business. When you consider the extensive influx of electronic information via HIPAA-compliant websites and apps, even the smallest practice becomes an eCommerce business. Luckily, custom eCommerce solutions can reduce the hassle with something that all medical practices, hospitals, and clinics hate: billing. 

We don’t have to tell you that billing is one of the most frustrating aspects of running any business. Whether it’s getting people to pay a bill sent by mail, or give any attention to a reminder email, the divided attention of the average patient means that paying for bills is often “out of sight, out of mind.” 

Merging the eCommerce aspect of your business with a HIPAA mobile app can help reduce the amount of time it takes for patients to pay, and it can even lower the number of collections you have to pursue. Interested? Keep reading about HIPAA-compliant billing software and how it can help your business.

HIPAA Compliant eCommerce Integrations
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Patient Portals for Healthcare

The right medical app developer can incorporate the latest patient portal billing tools in order to make billing easier than ever. Clarity makes it happen all the time; contact us for a demo.

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Make the eCommerce Aspect Easy

What’s the most efficient way to get patients to pay outstanding bills? Make it as easy as possible for them. A HIPAA mobile app can help. 

Even opening an envelope, tearing out and writing a check, finding a stamp, and dropping it by the post box can be that “one more thing” in someone’s day that makes them ignore a bill for months. Similar problems can present themselves if your billing system is separate from the patient portal; the patient who remembers their password to get test results won’t care if they forget the password for the HIPAA-compliant medical billing software

That’s where patient portal development in. Portals can bring together every aspect of your eCommerce business—an “omnichannel” approach—whether each piece of software was implemented at the same time or many years apart. It doesn’t matter what company made the software, we can pull it all together for a seamless patient experience. That experience is true from a functional as well as a design perspective. 

Think of this: If the “pay your bill” button is just as easy to click as the “see test results” button, you’ve reduced the barrier to entry. This is true whether they’re using your HIPAA-compliant website or a healthcare app. Having eCommerce billing behind a patient portal also makes it easier to send billing reminders from a single, trusted source.

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Prioritize Ease of Use

Making something as easy as possible spurs action. Patient portals are an excellent way to keep patients informed about every aspect of their care, including billing. We’d like to show you how we can make it easy on you and your patients.

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Portals and Financial Data

Fortunately, the same PHI data security that goes into HIPAA-compliant website design and patient portals is also helping protect any financial data — such as credit card information — that clients trust you with. Integrating your multiple platforms behind one portal, including HIPAA-compliant websites and mobile applications, can tackle both problems in one fell swoop. 

Even better, such a portal can add another layer of security to protect any data you put behind it. Does HR need a secure place to keep employee personal records? Are you keeping confidential payment information for suppliers, partners, and clients? The best medical apps for patients can bring all this data togetgher in one place and make it more secure than ever before. 


Patient Care Includes Securing PHI Data Security

Patients are trusting you with their health, but they’re also trusting you with their information. They don’t want their one-week cold to become a years-long headache due to a HIPAA app with subpar security. They will hold you accountable; losing patients can prove disastrous to any medical business. 

HIPAA compliance must also be taken into consideration. The HIPAA law states that each covered entity is responsible for providing a solution to keep patient PHI (EMR/EHR) safe. If you don’t take steps to secure both your HIPAA-compliant phone app and website, it’s likely that your security isn’t going to stop a data breach. 

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Ensure Mobile App HIPAA Compliance

Working with experienced healthcare mobile app development experts can ensure you adhere to PHI data security no matter what device your patient is using. Let us demo some of our HIPAA-compliant websites and patient portals for you.

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Healthcare App Developers with Experience

Clarity has built hundreds of HIPAA-compliant patient portals. One size does not fit all when it comes to HIPAA eCommerce, but we do take what we’ve learned from each project and incorporate that knowledge into the next iteration of our code. We know we have the best HIPAA-compliant CRM software available and can build what you want to meet your needs.

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HIPAA Apps Made Easy

Partner with Clarity. We’ll provide the Best HIPAA-compliant CRM software available, perfectly customized to your medical business. Request a quote or a demo today!

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