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Key Features

Understanding what a sales portal can do can increase sales

sales portal key features
Serving 10 to a Channel of 10,000

What a Sales Channel Needs to Succeed

As unique as the products and services of all the companies in the world, so are their sales teams, business models, marketing and sales support, etc. The list goes on and on as to what each company's sales organization needs to be successful. They are, however, a number of fundamental needs for every sales organization, the need to be able to market and sell their products and services.

What is needed to help them do that is where all the differences are. Sometimes it's just a simple answer via email or phone, other times a demo, maybe a brochure or a white paper, some example case studies, a few reference accounts, a free trial, a discount, some training videos...the list is never ending.

Why They Think They Didn't Succeed

As long as the list of needs, so is the list of excuses why they didn't close a deal, we didn't have any reference accounts, or the right piece of collateral, or a good demo...again a very long list.

This is where a sales portal excels. It provides the platform to house and serve up everything your company puts together to support your sales organization and makes it easy to find in seconds, so they have the best shot at becoming column A.

Key Features for a Sales Portal

  • Dynamically control access to content (employees get all plus internal, partners get sub-set plus special pricing, clients get sales materials, vendors get…)
  • Easily search and find sales and marketing collateral (resource library, document management).
  • Sales tools – register opportunities, qualifying questions, schedule/request demos…
  • B2B capabilities – B2B sales portals have specific features that facilitate sales between businesses.
  • Marketing – request or register for events, track MBO, logo/branding guidelines, press kits…
  • Social community provides platform to share and vote on ideas, questions and answers, provide rewards for achievements, retain customers, improve customer/partner service, reduce support costs…

Clarity Can Provide All These Features and More

Let us show you what we can do to optimize your business processes.

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