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Clarity Sales Portal | Provide collateral so you don't have to forward via emailOne of the most effective tools a salesperson has is their ability to communicate well. While this may seem simple and vague, effective communication is directly affected by the ability the salesperson has to get answers to questions in a timely manner. Questions can be answered with simple answers, sales or marketing collateral, a video, a demo from an SE, a decision on pricing or any number of things. The point is that a sales person will find an answer to help close a deal. The question is, do you have control over what they use to provide those answers?


Ensure The Latest and Greatest


Clarity Sales Portal ensure that the latest and greatest collateral is easily availableA well designed sales / partner portal can easily host all the sales tools your team will ever need in their quest to nurture leads and close deals. The front end can provide categorization and search capabilities to make sifting through thousands of pieces of collateral a breeze. The back end can provide sales management and marketing the interface to version control collateral, track user activity, set access rights to collateral so that it’s dynamically served up to the correct people and the community platform to reward and promote good information and mitigate the proliferation of incorrect information.



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