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Where Do You Spend Your Time?


Clarity Sales Portal | metrics to provide business intelligenceSo now you've got the collateral, the portal and maybe even the community. How do you know what to invest your time and energy in going forward? This business intelligence exercise is necessary to help you decide whether to focus more time on the pieces and areas that are most used, or to focus and promote those used the least. That decision is up to you. The key is to have the metrics and ability to know which employees, which partners, which pieces of collateral are producing the most views / leads/ conversions. Once you've got the data, you can measure how effective your efforts are.


Build In Self-Management


Clarity Sales Portal can scale to handle large sales organizationsFor the community, it can be more difficult. What if your community has 100, or 10,000, or even 100,000 members? How do you monitor, track, trend, reward good, control bad, etc.? With the right platform, built by Clarity, the platform itself can have the built-in capabilities to have the community control the content being posted and reward and promote those users that consistently provide good ideas, posts or answers.


Let Your Employees Do the Talking


Clarity Sales Portal | Let your employees help promote your businessWe’re all familiar with logging into Amazon to purchase a product and look at customer ratings (three people gave 5 stars, two gave 1 star, etc.) and while this may be helpful in influencing a purchase or not, this isn't very helpful when a client asks a technical question and finds an incorrect answer provided by a partner or employee that is buried somewhere and not deleted. With the Clarity social platform, built on DNN Evoq Social, when users vote thumbs up or down on answers, posts or ideas, the ones with more positive ratings are automatically given higher relevancy scores, while those voted down will move down and ultimately off the available answers.

You can assign points to activities so that users who's ideas get voted down lose points, and ultimately may not be able to enter answers, whereas those who's responses get voted up, can earn extra reputation and experience points, possibly opening up additional capabilities such as, closing questions, entering blog posts, etc. How great will it be when you've got your own community asking questions, providing answers, and controlling the quality of the information all self service? Now you can!



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