10 Advantages of DNN Content Management System


The Top Benefits of DNN for Companies

Content marketing has many definitions because it can be used in so many ways. WordPress ranks as the most popular content management system, or CMS. However, B2B and mid to larger organizations often need more capabilities and security than an open source WordPress system can produce. DNN, which evolved from Microsoft, offers extraordinary editing capabilities, integrated social marketing and advanced functionality for serious marketing applications.

The DNN 9 platform now offers easy integrations for developers and simple utility for content managers. Forrester Research found that content is the most important part of any marketing plan including SEO social marketing and personalized B2B marketing. The report concluded “Content is the soul of digital experiences.” [1]

10 Advantages of DNN Content Management System

About 70 percent of companies allot 10 percent or less of their marketing budgets to content creation. [2] Any content management system enables users to create and publish content to engage audiences, upgrade eCommerce catalogs and provide compelling reasons to buy products and services. One study found that content marketing generates 300 percent more leads than outbound marketing while costing 62 percent less. [3]

DNN CMS comparison with other CMS software invariably favor DNN over competitors because of its flexibility, Microsoft’s strong reputation and the software’s features and workflows that enable a host of CMS applications. [1] The features of DNN CMS provide the following 10 business advantages:

1. DNN Drives Improvements in Content

DNN 9 offers a suite of tools such as web farms, module caching and page caching. Websites load faster and more efficiently, which customers appreciate. It’s all about the user experience, and DNN enables easy publishing of blog posts, catalog updates, infographics, webinars, videos, presentations and more.

 2. Predictive Lead Scoring

DNN software understands how to use customer databases to predict customer behavior, choose appealing content and score leads intuitively. Predictive lead scoring can give the company’s sales staff better leads based on each rep’s skill set. This, in turn, can increase lead to-opportunity conversion rates.

 3. Saving Time

Saving time might not seem at first to be a prime benefit, but DNN offers a full suite or time-saving applications, templates, page analytics and editing features, so administrators can easily scale their operations, expand into new sales territories and generate better content with fewer working hours. That saves time, money and reputations.

 4. Advanced Security

Any DNN CMS comparison quickly pinpoints the benefits of DNN security. The software is, of course, an Official Microsoft ASP .NET Site, which makes it easy to integrate any premade or custom modules. The built-in security architecture makes the system one of the most secure available. Powerful for any business application, DNN (previously referred to as DotNetNuke), enables groups to grant their own permissions to stakeholders and decision-makers (just a simple example, but can provide much more granular detail). That’s a tremendous benefit for companies that market to B2B buying committees and companies that use purchase orders and complex buying procedures that require multiple or granular permissions.

 5. Flexible Portal Development

Features of DNN CMS include an extremely robust architecture that makes it easy to design custom portals for staff, customers and stakeholders. Content management becomes much easier when each writer, editor, photographer and videographer can use a custom portal to create great content. Administrators can run many sites and assets from one centralized platform, and the software supports collaborations all over the world in multiple languages and cultures.

 6. Lower Costs

The advantages of using DNN include lower costs because the CMS produces structured content that’s easy to integrate anywhere. The content is planned and developed outside of the interface, so it’s ready to use on any interface without editing. That means all types of content can be treated simply as data and managed more efficiently across marketing channels. That reduces operational costs, makes it easy to repurpose content and allows companies to do more with less. They offer their own Liquid Content, which is a cloud-based content repository that many sites can share the content from.

 7. Greater Platform Flexibility

DNN is extremely extensible by using modular applications, open source materials and Microsoft Dynamics integrations. The platform is open, secure, scalable and extensible, and the latest DNN 9 version doesn’t abandon its existing customers with radical new designs. Each new development can be integrated into older versions of the software to provide flexibility on which users can depend. The platform is ideal for both small businesses serving hundreds of customers and large organizations managing content for millions of users.

 8. Omnichannel Publishing

DNN’s robust features enable companies to publish liquid content that adjusts to apps, channels, the Internet of Things, catalog descriptions and custom branding efforts. DNN makes it easy to curate content, analyze results and push content through the REST API to serve in other business applications. Administrators can channel content to multiple locations, applications, channels and devices for true ominchannel publishing capabilities.

 9. Special Advanced Features

The advantages of DNN content management include access to special marketing features such as email marketing, multilingual content, document management, advertising management and user management applications. It’s easier to manage different content when there is a specialty application available for blog publishing, catalog management and other third-party modules.

 10. Great Endorsements

Choosing the best CMS depends on a given company’s needs, industry, customer base and dozens of other factors. The reason that so many B2B companies now choose DNN is multifaceted. DNN brings reliability and customizability to the problem. Its easy-to-use system enables content marketers to produce high-quality multimedia content without costing a fortune. DNN is used by more than 700,000 websites including Verizon, Lockheed Martin, NASA and many others. It’s hard to ignore that kind of trust from top companies.

DNN Delivers Great Content when You Use a Gold-Certified DotNetNuke Developer

The best results of any CMS system come from the integration of the application with other working software such as ERP and CRM. When everything connects in a robust API layer, great things are possible. You get the best development and collaboration when you choose a DNN Certified Implementation Partner, such as Clarity. Over the last 13 years, Clarity has developed more than 1,000 DNN websites (portals, sites, intranets, marketplaces, web apps, etc.). Give Clarity a call to discuss your DNN project.




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