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There are too many uses of APIs to name in one article. When it comes to APIs, you are only limited by your imagination. Integration of these tools increase efficiency, user experience and, depending on the usage, can increase conversions. When seriously thinking about whether or not you want an API integrated with your platform, consider the utility and goals.

Does this API accomplish something? Does it make part of your interaction with consumers more efficient or enjoyable? Will its utility keep them coming back? Does it improve your visitor flow? If not, back to the drawing board. APIs are so versatile that, no matter what your business or goals, you can find a way to utilize them to improve your site, service, product or process. If you have a specific problem, let us know! We can offer some free advice given our combined 300 years of experience helping clients just like you integrate helpful APIs. If you need some inspiration, here are some cool API integrations that Clarity has help our clients implement.

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LDR Medical- Multilingual Video Integration

Localized Multi-lingual Video Integration LDR Spine develops spine and cervical disc replacement devices for surgeons. As different products they've produced are approved for use in many different countries, Clarity built them seven websites in five languages to help educate the medical community on their technology. Along with PDF flipbooks, white papers and images, Clarity integrated Vimeo hosted videos for each of the approved devices, making it simple and quick for any surgeon, anywhere in the world to view and evaluate the device in practice. 

University of Texas Locator Map with Sort & Filter

university of texas custom social api integrationFor the University of Texas’s service of providing research on community-oriented agencies across Texas, Clarity built a small website called the Texas Behavioral Health Clearinghouse. Clarity integrated an elaborate search functionality with the Google Maps API so that users could find agencies by category.


API Integration Example - CPAmerica Locator 

api integration example - pwc
CPAmerica came to Clarity in need of a way to search through their vast network of members and accountants. Clarity integrated a Google Maps API in a way that allows users to click on any state and find every CPA member practicing in that state. We then further optimized the experience with a predictive search, which filters through cities and states as the user types.


API Integration Example - WORD of Comal County

api integration example - word of comal county
The Water Oriented Recreation District (W.O.R.D.) of Comal County is a government parks and recreation district. Since they provide Comal County with a wealth of information regarding natural resources and public parks, a detailed map system is a must. Clarity used an API to build a system of several geographical maps that feature the locations of camping, lodging, tubing, kayaking, fishing, marinas, boat storage, and more. Users can quickly navigate between maps and learn more when they wish to.

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