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Clarity | Microsoft .NET online web store integration shopping cart commerceAn ASP.NET ecommerce platform for medium to large businesses has proven to be a driving factor in organizational efficiency and growth. With a major proportion of enterprise level comapnies use microsoft products and software, it follows that ASP.Net (as a framework developed initially by Microsoft) is an advantageous choice when developing an online shopping cart. Enterprise E-Commerce businesses typically choose an ASP.NET framework to manage their online B2B sales for three reasons. Customization, Integration and Scalability.

.NET Ecommerce Platform Customization


Clarity | Walt Disney online web platform .net customizationCustomization means that ecommerce using ASP.NET can be built to mold itself to the unique systems and practices your company already uses. Many companies utilize the same tools, yet almost every company uses them in a way that best suits the work-culture and practices of their specific organization. Administration and operations can be tailored to the needs of your organization.

Additionally, every company seeks to differentiate themselves by offering a distinctive customer experience. ASP.NET e-commerce not only allows for this kind of customization, but is designed so that such customization is encouraged. With unique customer experiences comes equally idiosyncratic streams of valuable data.

ASP.NET E-Commerce Integration


Clarity | integration CRM ERP ecommerce integrationsWhen your consumers visit or interact with your web site or web store, they willingly give invaluable behavior data that can help you improve the customer experience and your bottom line. Integrating ASP.NET with your online store as well as the CRM and ERP tools your already love allows you to view and manage data in real time without having to switch back and forth between platforms.

A robust .NET API encourages the use of a torrent of 3rd party applications that serve both general and specific needs. An online shopping cart integrated with numerous 3rd party APIs as well as your powerful ERP and CRM tools gives you a distinct competitive advantage in the form of business intelligence.

.NET E Commerce Scalability


Clarity | Microsoft .net scalability online commerce integration build web storeProbably one of the most overlooked aspects of selecting a framework for your enterprise eCommerce store is the framework's ability to scale with your company. Of course all companies aspire to growth, yet many times this is not considered due an inherent belief that the framework won't need to change. What if you add new sources of revenue? What if you add a new segment of consumers? What if you want to add more functionality to your online B2B sales platform?

ASP.NET framework is built specifically for growing with the company. There are a plethora of add-ons and modules that are designed not only to help your organization achieve growth, but also to scale simultaneously with that expansion.

Clarity E-Commerce Enterprise Solutions


With over 350 clients and 650+ projects delivered (view some of them here), Clarity is a leading developer of custom .NET e commerce solutions. Our intensive research and company evaluation process ensure that we build and deliver custom solutions that fit your organization's specific needs. Whether you're a startup or a Fortune 500 company, we've worked with them all and would love to work with you. Call Clarity today for a free consultation!