Dynamics CRM eCommerce Integration

Integrate Dynamics CRM and eCommerce: Allow two of your most powerful business tools to work together 

Clarity Helps Integrate Dynamics CRM with Your eCommerce

Integrating Dynamics CRM with your eCommerce platform is a great business move that will improve efficiency while saving time, resources and money.

Dynamics CRMDynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is an excellent tool used to collect, store, and analyze customer information, enabling businesses to better understand and serve their clientele. 

Dynamics CRM is Microsoft’s solution to help businesses handle relationships with their clients. It contains tools to help you foster and improve customer relationships, such as social listening, customer service analytics, lead scoring, and campaign designer. Dynamics CRM software was designed to make interacting with and analyzing your customers easier for your business while providing you with tools that help make your efforts more rewarding.

Integrating Dynamics CRM and eCommerce 

  • Use Dynamics CRM SDK- Clarity uses Dynamics CRM SDK (software development kit) to integrate Dynamics CRM with eCommerce and other business systems, enabling a secure, seamless and powerful integration. 

  • Use SSL- To keep your customers’ information secure, Clarity always arranges data transfers be carried out over SSL (secure socket layers) 

  • Employ Automation- Automated data transfers keep your customer data current and up to date while greatly reducing the time and resources usually needed to manually transfer data. 

  • Share Valuable Data- Integration allows for your Dynamics CRM software and eCommerce to transfer and share valuable information about your customers. 

  • Empower your customer service team- Integrating Dynamics CRM and eCommerce empowers your marketing, sales, and customer service teams by giving them access to pertinent customer information at their fingertips. 

eCommerce integration with Dynamics CRMWhen performing a Dynamics CRM and eCommerce integration, Clarity uses Dynamics CRM SDK which is a software development kit that houses the APIs that you need to develop and integrate Dynamics CRM. Using this kit designed by Microsoft helps ensure that the integration is done correctly. It also allows for you to upgrade your Dynamics CRM without having to considerably alter the integration. 

Setting up the integration right allows data to be transferred automatically between the two systems, ensuring that customer data is always current and accurate. Using SSL helps make sure that your customers’ information remains safe in your care. Automated data transfers eliminate the risk of human error while saving your employees valuable time. This time can instead be spent reaching out to customers, following up leads, and analyzing your customer service data.

Why Clarity


Our team of experts have decades of combined experience developing business solutions for our eCommerce clients. 

Proven Technology

Clarity’s eCommerce platform, Clarity eCommerce, is highly customizable and integrates well with almost any business software. 

Know How 

Clarity has performed numerous successful Dynamics CRM and eCommerce platform integrations, helping our clients make their business more efficient. 

Custom Solutions

Clarity prides itself in offering eCommerce solutions that are tailored to our clients business needs. 

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