Professional MS CRM Implementation

Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrationMicrosoft Dynamics CRM is the customer relationship management tool of choice for many businesses, especially those that value versatility, security, and powerful extensions. Its value also lies in its ability to be on-premise, extremely customizable, and completely controlled by the host company.

The power of Dynamics CRM can be fully realized with the right implementation. Depending on your company's needs, the CRM can be implemented in one of a variety of different ways, the most common being a Dynamics CRM integration to eCommerce. Many businesses will request a standard implementation, but others might need an agile or rapid approach. For the enterprise, the implementation of multiple instances might be required.

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Reduce cost and increase profitability with automated & efficient processes
  • Increase customer retention & loyalty
  • Get data to the right people, at the right times for accurate decision making
  • Maximize value from all of your sales/marketing/service departments, 24/7

Clarity's Track Record

  • Working with Fortune 500s to startups since 2006
  • 650+ clients and 1,300+ projects completed
  • Microsoft Dynamics Certified Partner
  • Dynamics CRM eCommerce integration
  • Over 350 years of combined experience on our development staff

Custom Microsoft CRM Implementation

Not only can Clarity customize the way in which our developers implement your instance of Microsoft CRM, but we can also customize within the application to ensure that it fits your business processes and conventions. This is valuable for businesses that have custom workflows within their sales and marketing departments, and need their CRM to reflect that and mold to it. This is normally achieved with a Dynamics eCommerce integration.

An example of this is a company with unique ways of qualifying and processing leads. Traditionally CRMs will support conditions such as contacts, opportunities, and leads. Some companies, however, have additional "states" that the prospects go through before becoming a customer. Additionally, within these states, the salesmen will sometimes need to enter proprietary data or qualifiers about those prospects into the system. Custom implementation can account for and provide these in your CRM. You've also got Microsoft's core BANT system. They practically invented the standard lead qualification process.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation partner and consulting

Dynamics CRM for the Modern Business

MS Dynamics CRM is so popular, partly because it is based on Microsoft's .NET technology, has powerful features and ensures top notch security. But Microsoft has also made sure that with the evolution of business in the modern age, that their CRM system kept up, moving from version 4.0, 2011, 2013 to Dynamics 365.

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