Dynamics CRM eCommerce Integration & Customer Loyalty

Four Ways a Dynamics CRM eCommerce Integration Helps Develop Customer Loyalty 

Use an eCommerce and Dynamics CRM integration to help build customer loyalty

Dynamics CRMIntegrating your eCommerce with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can have several positive impacts on your business. It not only helps you reduce errors, share important information and automate tasks, it can also help you inspire greater customer loyalty. Below are a few ways that an eCommerce and Dynamics CRM integration can improve customer loyalty to your online business.

Sell Your Customers What They Want When They Want It 

Integrating your eCommerce with your Dynamics CRM software enables the two systems to share important information about your customers, such as the products that they have been searching for and browsing on your eCommerce site. Having that information sent from your eCommerce to your CRM helps you run analytics that will help you better anticipate your customers’ wants and needs. It will give you information that can help you run more targeted campaigns and possibly offer discounts on the exact items that the customer wants. Offering your customers what they want when they want it makes them feel understood and appreciated and will lead to more loyalty.

eCommerce CustomersHelp Customers Serve Themselves

Providing your eCommerce customers with a smooth customer service experience, whether it be through your customer service team or self serve, keeps your customers coming back. By tying your eCommerce to your Dynamics CRM software, you make it possible for customers to log onto their account and check an order status or track their order anytime of the day. Customers can also manage their own account information, so they can keep important records like address, email, phone number and payment up to date. Having the ability to get the information they want with just a few clicks leaves customers satisfied and leads to repeat business. When customers can find the information they need without seeking assistance from your customer service team, it also opens up resources for more efficient customer service for those who do require human assistance.

Empower Your Customer Service Team

An eCommerce and Dynamics CRM integration has the greatest impact on the customer service that your team provides. Because of the integration, your customer service team can better and more quickly answer customers’ questions. They will have immediate access to the customers’ information, profile, previous and present orders, as well as previous call information. Having all of that instant knowledge about the customer helps the customer service team resolve the customer’ issues or answer their questions more quickly, which also leads to a content customer.

Customer Loyalty ProgramCreate and Manage Loyalty Programs 

One of the great features that is included with Dynamics CRM is a Loyalty Management solution. It can help you set up and keep track of your business’s loyalty program for your customers. Integrating your eCommerce with Dynamics CRM allows you to more easily manage your loyalty program and ensure that customers are getting and using all of their rewards. When your eCommerce is tied to your CRM, reward points can be automatically added to a customer’s loyalty membership once they have made a qualifying purchase. It can also automatically apply or ask customers if they want to apply their rewards points or dollars that they have earned when checking out. An eCommerce and Dynamics CRM integration helps you manage your loyalty rewards, helping you make your customers feel valued.

Clarity Can Help 

Retaining your customers is an important factor in your overall business success. It is much cheaper to retain your existing customers than to have to go out a acquire more. Our team at Clarity is skilled at helping eCommerce businesses make their customers feel important and appreciated. Our developers are experts at integrating your customer relationship management software with your eCommerce to help you better serve your customers. To learn more about integrating your eCommerce with Dynamics CRM or another customer relationship management system, call or click to contact us today!