eCommerce for Industrial Manufacturing

eCommerce: A Prospective Selling Channel for Manufacturers 

Industrial manufacturers need to take advantage of eCommerce opportunities 

industrial manufacturingThe industrial manufacturing sector is arguably one of the last to move into the eCommerce world. However, more manufacturers are starting to see the benefits of selling online. Selling online can save a business time and money while leading to greater profits and more loyal customers. Since manufacturing customers also happen to be consumers of other goods, they have begun to expect a manufacturing eCommerce integration option when purchasing for their businesses. If your manufacturing business hasn’t branched into eCommerce, the time to do so is now. 

The Benefits of eCommerce 

Selling online can benefit a multitude of business sectors and industrial manufacturing is no exception. An eCommerce site enables manufacturers to provide more information about their business and products to potential customers. Having an online store allows the seller to create in depth product pages. Instead of having to train multiple sales people to pitch products the right way, manufacturers are able to present the data the way that they see fit. This also cuts down on training and personnel costs. An online store also allows a manufacturer to reach more businesses than they could have otherwise. This can greatly increase customers and profits. 

eCommerce store shoppingEstablishing Your eCommerce Store 

When looking to establish a manufacturing custom eCommerce store, it’s important to choose the right eCommerce platform. The Clarity eCommerce platform is specially designed to accommodate business-to-business needs like those represented in manufacturing. Some key needs to keep in mind when developing your online store is custom built ordering, handling the purchase order, and storing and displaying various pricing levels for each of your customers. 

Custom Built Ordering 

One of the biggest differences between manufacturing and B2C products is that many orders to manufacturers may be for custom builds. Your eCommerce site needs to be able to allow for your customer to let you know specifically what they want. A follow up phone call from your sales or customer service team to ensure that you understand what the customer wants is still and will always be a good idea. 

Handling Purchase Orders 

While most B2C online stores only accept credit cards or a form of payment that goes through right away, many of your B2B customers will expect to be able to pay with purchase orders. Have your eCommerce site designed to allow your customers to bypass payment with a credit card if you already have an agreement in place. 

Price Points for Different Customers 

Most B2B companies have agreements with their customers on prices. Your customers will be at different price points and your eCommerce store needs to reflect that. When a certain customer logs on, their specific prices should be the only ones that they are able to see. The right eCommerce platform enables you to make that happen. 

Clarity Can Help 

The Clarity distribution eCommerce platform was built with B2B needs in mind. Our platform can be customized to suit any industrial manufacturing needs. Our team has decades of combined experience helping companies establish their eCommerce stores. To find out more about how Clarity can help your company with its eCommerce needs, call or click to contact us today!